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2016 // Koga / F3 2.0 S (54cm)

With this concept, Koga proves that performance (functionality) and design (form) can be combined perfectly.
Old price: €1249.00
Price: €999.00
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Brand: Koga
In stock - Ready for Despatch
2016 // Koga / F3 2.0 S (54cm)
Old price: €1249.00
Price: €999.00

The F3 2.0 is a fully hand built smooth welded frames in 6061 aluminium with integrated headset and internal cable runs. Both versions are available with either the KOGA Feathershock suspension forks or with a rigid fork as preferred. The F3 is characterized by the shape of the frame tubes where round and sharp lines are used alternately, accented with an "understated" design.

Koga's designers have excelled in producing a clean bicycle concept, where functionality, integration and design are in perfect harmony.

A good example is the cable for the rear light, which is completely routed through the frame and the luggage carrier. Also the rear mudguard and luggage rack are striking examples of the comprehensive integration: the points of attachment are barely visible.

Bikes in the F3 series are available with an efficient SRAM 3D hub dynamo and a high quality LED lighting system with standlight, plus a KOGA oversized sport touring handlebar, Hermanns Adrenalin Ergo grips and a KOGA LoDo F3 integrated rear rack.


The KOGA F3-series have been awarded with the iF Product Design Award 2014 and last year the KOGA F3 won the Red Dot Design Award 2013. The KOGA F3 has been awarded in the category “Leisure and Lifestyle”. The iF Product Design Award has a history of 60 years. For the 2014 award, 3249 products were judged by the renowned experts. The jury considered criteria such as design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, visualization of intended use, safety and brand value. 

Koga F3 2.0 - Product Features...

  • Sporty & light, with a great range of gears.
  • Reliable and efficient Shimano Deore gear system with 27 gears.
  • Light Shimano V-brakes.
  • Shimano hub dynamo with Trelock LED headlamp and Spanninga rear light.
  • Available with a rigid front fork or Koga's own "Feathershock" suspension front fork for an extra €100.

All Koga bikes are built by hand at their premises in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. A single technician is responsible for the full assembly of each bike. The ‘handbuilt by Koga’ logo on the frame is the guarantee of this unique working practice. By individuals, for individuals. This close relationship to the product is reflected in the results: perfection down to the finest detail.

Koga meticulously checks all of the bicycles built in Heerenveen. All of them are thoroughly tested one by one and put through a comprehensive inspection, so we can guarantee they meet the highest standards of quality. 

Simply contact us for details on how to order your custom built Koga.

About Koga...

Since 1974 people have had more time for leisure activities, because the working week got shorter. Koga, as a newly-founded cycle manufacturer, took immediate advantage of this trend. Andries Gaastra, former Sales Manager at Batavus, founded Koga B.V. when his father Gerrit sold the Batavus business. He joined the first two letters of his wife’s surname with the first two of his own to form the brand name Koga. 

Gaastra’s aim was to bring an exclusive range of lightweight bikes to market. He built the very first Koga at his own home in Oranjewoud, near Heerenveen. Gaastra quickly decided to specify components only from exclusive suppliers, so as to meet the highest quality expectations. Once Koga had become an importer of Shimano components, a network developed including other Japanese cycle manufacturers. Among them was Miyata, a company which at this time had already been producing cycle frames for 80 years. Until 2010 Koga frames were produced by Miyata, and the suffix Miyata was placed after the brand name Koga.

Koga's starting point when developing new models is always to produce the very best product for the passionate (and demanding) cyclist. They dedicate a lot of attention to the finish, and carefully select a harmonious set of components. If that isn’t possible with existing components, they develop their own. This gives Koga bikes their distinctive appearance and stylish look. Less is more!


We offer only the highest quality European bike brands so Koga's enviable reputation for outstanding detail and exacting standards naturally fitted in perfectly. Every single Koga is handbuilt in Holland - they are a perfect addition to our high quality European brand line-up in 2015. As further proof or our trust and belief in the quality of our brands we offer free lifetime servicing on all Koga's, regardless of price (subject to certain T's & C's).

Questions? No problem, we're here to help! For sizing, availability, technical or any other details simply pop us an instant message or contact us in the shop. You can also visit Koga's official website here.