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Eat my Dirt // Brake Shield

Every once in a while a product comes along that completely blows us away... and this is it!
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Brand: Eat my Dirt!
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Brake Shield

The Brake Shield is an innovative new product and the only one of its kind. Its simple yet effective design protects your disk brakes and wheel rims while you clean and lubricate your drive train. The nature of the product allows you to make easy work of this, usually, quite tricky task.

It protects your brakes when cleaning and lubricating the drive train. It sits between the spokes and the cassette, and shields the brakes and rims; the tray catches all the dirt and cleaner, making it an easy job. The Brake Shield promotes quick, regular cleaning and lubrication, resulting in improved gear shifting and greater efficiency.

Many people just ignore this part of their bike; they put up with a mucky cassette and chain, either cleaning them periodically, maybe monthly,  or just replacing them when they become unworkable. Now, 'little and often' cleans are made possible with the Brake Shield. The Brake Shield's innovative tray catches all the cleaner, dirt and oil, meaning that now you can do this dirty job anywhere without making a mess.

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  • Eat my Dirt // Brake Shield
  • Eat my Dirt // Brake Shield