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Brand: Croozer
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Pet Trailer
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Cargo Trailer...

Redesigned and enhanced - the Croozer Cargo offers so much more! Cleverly thought out in every detail, practical and safe to use with a marvellously clean and functional design .

Incorporating both bike trailer and hand cart the Croozer cargo is really versatile. Cycle into town, switch the hitch arm for the wheel and mount the handlebar in just a few moments. No tools are required so its very easy to do. There's plenty of space inside the robustly built Cargo whether you're cycling with it or using it for a quick shop or a picnic at the park. You can even use your Cargo as a transportation box in your car. Simply remove the hitch arm, handlebar and wheels. The integrated handles in the floor pan make to easy to carry your cargo and to keep it secure.

Inside the Cargo are two side pockets and attachment straps which are great for helping secure whatever you need to transport. The Cargo has a solid floor pan which is stable, smooth and resistant to dirt, damp and scratches. Once loaded you can close the weather cover to keep out the rain and prying eyes. The robust chassis is made of square section aluminium tubing and this acts as a secure and reliable support for your load. When not in use the Cargo folds away easily and compactly.

Product Features:

  • Canvas cover to keep out the rain and any prying eyes
  • Folds flat quickly and easily
  • Light weight
  • Removable weather cover
  • Simple folding mechanism
  • Including bicycle hitch arm with two part axle hitch
  • Push bar and buggy wheel
  • Aluminium frame with solid floor

Pet Trailer...

Redesigned and upgraded for 2015 the Croozer Pet can be used in two ways. Towed behind your bicycle to get you to your destination quickly and easily or as a stroller with a neat push handlebar and small front wheel.

Dogs just love running. But enough is enough. Sometimes you dog just runs out of steam. The comfort of the Croozer Pet suits younger or older dogs and other pets or even just for little ones who can't keep up with your cycling speed or distance.

With the Croozer Pet cyclists and their dogs can enjoy touring even more! Your dog can run with you as long as it likes and can then rest in the comfort of the trailer. The Croozer Pet is also a good solution for dogs which would be a risk when running on a lead next to the bicycle. The ventilated trailer always provides its passengers with a clear view, even when it is fully closed. Access is easy via the large zipped flap at the rear. You can open the outlook panel at the front of the trailer to allow your dog to enjoy the feel of the slipstream and see the view ahead. The reinforced side panels protect your dog when leaning against the sides and the fixed mesh fabric is air permeable and tightly attached.

There is plenty of space inside and your pet can be kept secure inside the trailer by attaching the lead to one of the rings attached to the floor pan. The mat has a cover which can be changed and washed. When in stroller mode the front swivel wheel allows for easy maneuvering whilst you push the trailer along. You can even use the trailer as a transportation box in your car by removing the hitch arm and wheels.

You can fold the trailer away in a matter of seconds with the wheels, hitch arm and push arm fitting into the solid floor pan. This makes the Croozer Pet compact and easy to transport or store when not in use.

The solid plastic floor provides a secure supporting surface for your pet. Its stable and fully resistant to dirt, damp and scratches. Its even easy to wash out because the water will run out of the drainage hole in the floor. There are pockets and storage compartments in the Croozer Pet which provide ample storage space.

Product Features:

  • Aluminum chassis, plastic floor
  • Side windows with protection against insects
  • Easy rear access in and out for your pet
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Internal eyelet to fasten the lead to
  • Supplied with a bicycle tow arm and axle hitch plus push handlebar and small front wheel for stroller mode

For more detailed information on this product simply visit their website here.

Base Weight 13.4 kg including handlebar
Load Capacity 45kg
Sylomer® Suspension System The engineering team at Croozer have worked with a range of experts in light weight construction, chassis tuning, human vibration and elastomeric foams to produce a suspension system for the Croozer Kid PLUS which is as effective for a single baby (10kg) as it is for two six year olds (45kg), without requiring any additional adjustments to allow for the difference in weight of the passengers.

The Croozer Kid PLUS chassis is fitted suspension providing 45mm of travel. This generous amount of travel ensures total comfort. The Sylomer® spring elements always retain dimensional stability and are not adversely affected by overloading of short duration, even when this is extremely excessive. They are also not affected by the weather, will not wear and do not contain any toxic substances. Best of all no maintenance or servicing is required!

Sylomer® not only has excellent suspension characteristics, it also has a range of outstanding properties. For example running over a stretch of uneven ground will not cause the bicycle trailer to vibrate, instead the built in attenuation causes it to settle immediately into its original position. This enhances the comfort of your child and improves the road holding characteristics of the Croozer PLUS. Click below to play video:

How does Sylomer® work? 

The special material property of the Sylomer® suspension and damping elements is the manner in which their suspension behaviour progresses as the load is increased. When the trailer is lightly laden the Sylomer® spring element is soft and responds sensitively. When the trailer is fully laden the performance part compresses, becoming harder as a result. Even in the case of overloading the Sylomer® spring element retains its dimensional stability and elasticity. Bottoming out of the suspension cannot happen. Weight related adjustment is not needed as the hardness of the Sylomer® spring element adjusts of its own accord to the load in question
Specifications Supplied with handlebar, new braking system, bike tow arm, one hitch, handlebar console, sun cover and safety flag.
An innovative internal tension bracket ensures extra shoulder space
Five point harness holds each child securely in their seat
Combi insect/weather cover
Patented system allows for quick and easy folding
Spacious storage area
Plenty of reflective marking on the body
Low centre of gravity ensures good stability
Both seat is suspended at nine points and is sewn securely into the frame
There are massive bumpers on the front and back providing reliable impact protection
The chassis is made of steel with the superstructure made from aluminum tubing
Cover is made from water repellent polyester
For Children Aged From Here's the legal bit: Please note that legal requirements can differ between countries. For more information about how and when you can start using your trailer please ask your local dealer or contact Amba for personal advise

How and when you use your trailer depends on some key points - the duration, the physical development of your child (i.e. the strength in the neck and back muscles of your child e.g. can he or she sit on their own yet), the time of year e.g. is it warm or cold. 

This information is offered from our personal experience of our own children traveling in Croozer trailers. Please feel free to call us at the office for personal advice - we will do our best to help you make the best decision for your children. Don't forget all children vary in their development and some will be happy to travel in their trailer sooner than others. Please use your common sense when deciding what to do.
Available Accessories PLUS Baby sling
Seat supporter
Rain cover
Cozy blanket
Two sizes of winter sleeping bag for babies/toddlers
All season bunting bag
Storage cover
Additional harness padding kit
Spare hitches
Spares A range of spares are available
Dimensions L x W x H (minus handlebar) 113 x 90 x 87cm
L x W x H (folded, minus handlebar & wheels) 104.5 x 86.5 x 27.5cm
Mazimum shoulder width 70cm
Leg room 58cm
Head room (seat to upper frame) 65cm
Upper & lower handlebar height 100/112cm
Safety And Protection Protection of the Croozer Kid occupants:

The bumper protects your Croozer Kid PLUS from damage if you underestimate the width of your bicycle trailer including accidental rear end and side on contact. The tubular frame structure creates a robust protective space for your child. The internal frame provides additional protection for your children on either side and from the rear. The cross tubing ensures additional rigidity. The handlebar also acts as a roll over protective structure. All this means that Croozer PLUS is supplied with a ten year warranty on the frame.