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2017 // Cube / Aerium C:62 SL Hadron

No excuses, no compromise. This is Cube's masterpiece - a time machine ready to transport you into the future!
Brand: Cube
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When you haven't compromised on your training, you want a bike that'll match your efforts. The CUBE &ælig;rium C:68 SL Hadron is that bike - uncompromising in both design and execution. We refined the frame's profile in cooperation with Swiss Side aerodynamic experts in the wind tunnel, then used our best quality C:68 carbon layup and finished by selecting only the finest components. The result is a combination of low weight, exceptional stiffness and ultimate &ælig;rodynamic efficiency. The only thing that's missing... is you.


The light and stiff Advanced Twin Mould C:68 carbon frame with horizontal dropouts is constructed with two goals in mind: to keep air resistance as low as possible, and to be compatible with electronic transmission components. To keep things elegant, clean and &ælig;rodynamic we've hidden the battery and cables inside the frame - and we checked and refined our design in cooperation with Swiss Side aerodynamic experts in the wind tunnel, just to be sure. The carbon chassis's extreme geometry is forward thrust in its purest form, transforming every watt of energy expended at the pedals into speed.


When even a fraction of a second counts, you need a transmission capable of delivering flawless shifts, every single time. That's why we selected Shimano's ultra-reliable electronic Ultegra Di2 components and paired them with a Rotor Flow chainset. We didn't skimp on the wheels, either, opting for a SwissSide Hadron Ultimate 800+ &ælig;rocarbon wheelset for unmatched acceleration and air-slicing capability. A carbon Profile cockpit is supremely light and incredibly versatile, allowing fine-tuning of the ride position to cater for any event or rider preference, while the &ælig;rium &ælig;ro carbon fork is a perfect match for the frame's sleek, aerodynamic profile.

For more detail simply visit Cube's official website here.