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WTP // Curse 20 BMX

Our best selling BMX and with good reason - solid components, great price.
Brand: WeThePeople
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The 20" curse from Wethepeople is their gateway bike to the full sized BMX game. It's scaled down to respond properly to the smaller rider and also feel like a proper BMX. So, if you're after your first 20" or just a slick looking BMX, this guy could very well be for you!

Much like its younger sibling the Curse 20” is decked out with some amazing parts including the all new Vex compound WTP grips, a Salt 26t sprocket for faster gearing and a set of red Salt Strike tires.

Questions? No problem, we're here to help! For sizing, technical or any other details simply pop us an instant message or contact us in the shop. You can also visit WeThePeople's offical website here.

  • WTP // Curse 20 BMX
  • WTP // Curse 20 BMX


We have always taken a hell of a lot of pride in ourselves and in building bikes that are capable of taking everything a rider throws at them. We are constantly at the forefront of developing and manufacturing materials that will with stand hard and furious riding and our designs are made to combat common breaks and bends.

We trust our frames and forks and we trust that you the customer will be happy with them. Because of this trust we are happy to announce that all Wethepeople frames and forks come with the following limited lifetime guarantee.

What is covered?

Aftermarket frame sets and forks only, starting from model year 2011 Any structural issues / faults arising from defects in the production materials and / or workmanship are guaranteed for the lifespan of the frame.

Aesthetic / Paint Finish of said covered for 1 year only

What is not covered?

Any damage / issues caused by:

- wear and tear

- fatigue or corrosion

- inappropriate use

- abuse or deliberate damage

- no or improper maintenance

- the fitting of inappropriate parts or aftermarket alteration (including but not limited to aftersale welding, brazing, drilling, filing or repairs or attempted repairs executed by anyone other than WETHEPEOPLE)

- unfortunate accident

- consequential losses This guarantee does not mean that your frame or fork will last forever and cannot be broken, Nothing is indestructible, no matter how well made it is and everything, even our frames and forks, have a finite life, the span of which will be dictated by the amount and type of use it receives.

Conditions of Cover:

1. You must be the original owner of the frame and be able to provide evidence (your original proof of purchase) to support this. As such this guarantee is not transferrable.

2. The frame must be unaltered structurally (see above) in any way.

3. You must address the matter with the retailer that you purchased the product from. Only they are legally contractually obliged to deal with any aftersales issue that you have with the product that they have sold you. They in turn will liaise with us to provide you with a final judgement on your claim. The ultimate decision to replace, repair or refuse your claim rests with WETHEPEOPLE and is not open to negotiation.

4. This guarantee can only be claimed once.

5. WETHEPEOPLE reserves the right to replace with other models an

d versions.

6. This offer is only valid on aftermarket frames and forks and does not cover frames and forks that come as part of a complete bike package. The retailer is liable in accordance with the purchase contract and the applicable statutory law for any lack of conformity which exists at the time when the risk passed to you.

This guarantee is offered above and beyond your statutory rights.