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2017 // Stevens / P18 Lite

Without any exaggeration - this is simply the best bike of it's kind in the world!
Brand: Stevens
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Propelled by a maintenance free belt drive combined with a meticulously tuned 18-speed gear hub. Aggressive Deore XT disc brakes provide control. Supernova and Busch&Müller lights guarantee safety by visibility - all nicely assembled by STEVENS' engineers to fit into an agile complete package.

Technical Highlights:

  • Modern sports trekking bike with full premium equipment
  • Anodized frame finish: Classy, light, durable
  • Finely tuned 18-speed gearbox with 636% spread between smallest and largest gear
  • Innovative, strong Gates belt drive
  • Powerful Deore XT disc brakes

For more detail simply visit Stevens' official website here.