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Ritchey "Superlogic" Seatposts

Finish the ultimate build with the ultimate seatpost!
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Ritchey "Superlogic" Seatposts
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Ritchey Superlogic

Ritchey Superlogic - Representing the bleeding edge of design and material technology, the SuperLogic moniker is reserved for an extremely select group of components. From a wheelset that is so slippery that decals will slow them down, to handlebars that defy conventional thought about what strength and light weight truly mean, our SuperLogic line is set to shake up the order of things literally.


Ritchey Seatposts...

Dependability, smooth infinite adjustment, elegant finish and optimal strength-to-weight ratios are the hallmarks of Ritchey seatpost design. Even when Tom has already set the industry standard, his mind is contemplating alternative solutions and variations on his own themes. His latest patented clamp design, nicknamed the SideBinder, crowns our new WCS 1Bolt Carbon seatpost. Precision forging, super-slick installation and adjustment, and distinctive looks another classic Ritchey post.

For more information on the Ritchey Brand simply visit their website here.

Ritchey "Superlogic" Seatpost - RRP€289.99:

  • High modulus carbon constructed using LCT
  • SideBinder clamp technology 
  • Only requires a single 5mm allen key for installation and all adjustments
  • Adjustable rail clamps provide compatibility with a range of saddle rails
  • Matte UD carbon
  • Cradle: 43 x 38mm
  • Offset: 25mm
  • Weight: 148g (27.2 x 300mm)