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SRAM "Red 22" Groupset

Adding two more gears to a highly respected combination - arguably the only improvement required!
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SRAM RED 22. When we re-introduced SRAM RED in 2012 there was simply nothing more we could add to make it better. SRAM RED was all new, redesigned throughout, with innovations we’ve spent the past year touting and our athletes proving. It was loaded with features and benefits that matched the needs of professionals: fast, light, aerodynamic, ergonomic, near-silent, and, of course, trim-less, with ground breaking Yaw™ technology.

The added benefit is that now, without adding weight, we maintain a system that shifts incredibly fast upfront, and with the best and smoothest gear transitions in back. And, for the first time available anywhere, the system gives you twenty-two gears. No compromise and no trim, what we’re calling True 22, in any gear combination.

Welcome to SRAM RED 22!

There are three formats available:

SRAM RED 22 | SRAM RED | SRAM RED - Black Edition

With a huge variety of configurations available on every groupset we advise all customers to contact us so that we can determine the exact set-up they need! Why not use our handy live chat feature below?


SRAM Made The Leap

SRAM has risen to the highest levels of professional cycling by giving riders componentry that inspires confidence and performs flawlessly. With many of the world's top teams ‘Making the Leap’ to SRAM, there is little doubt that wins at the Classics, Grand Tours, Ironman(™), and Cross Worlds were due in part to the lightest, most efficient, and ergonomic road componentry ever made. With a wide range of product offerings and four complete groupsets, SRAM RED, SRAM Force, SRAM Rival, and SRAM Apex, everyone can benefit from the professional success.

Check out a host of technical information over on SRAM's website.

  • SRAM "Red 22" Groupset
  • SRAM "Red 22" Groupset
  • SRAM "Red 22" Groupset