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Shimano "Dura Ace 9000" Series

Decades of hard earned respect are embodied in this tried, tested & trusted Groupset.
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Dura-Ace moves to the next generation. Reduced shifting effort lets you concentrate on riding. More control thanks to improved ergonomics. Unbeatable reliability gives you confidence. Tested in competition and taken to victory by pro riders in all conditions - on the road, across the pavé, through the mud. Dura-Ace: Concentration, control and confidence.

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Dura-Ace 9000/9070.

Dura-Ace has represented the state of the art in bicycle components since 1973. The all-new 2013 Dura-Ace group is the result of 40 years of development and innovation, tested to the limit at the highest level of competition in road racing, time trials and cyclo-cross. Dura-Ace delivers concentration, control and confidence with slick, fast, accurate performance that you can depend upon without distraction. Dura-Ace now has an 11-speed cassette with numerous gearing options to cover all situations. Leading edge design, materials and construction reduce weight, improve stiffness and enhance control.


Amazing and innovative.

Dura-Ace relies on Shimano's most advanced manufacturing technologies to deliver concentration, control and confidence. Dura-Ace lets you concentrate on the ride by making shifting and braking as easy as possible. Mechanical Dura-Ace has shorter lever stroke for easier, faster shifts. Electronic Dura-Ace Di2 shifters have improved ergonomics. And a new 11-speed cassette means that you can always find the right gear. Whether it's the slick action of mechanical Dura-Ace, the lightning-fast electronic shifting of Dura-Ace Di2 or the new symmetrical dual-pivot brakes, Dura-Ace gives you maximum control. Dura-Ace delivers unparalleled reliability to give confidence, with a PTFE coated chain and new polymer-coated cables boosting durability.

What's new & benefits...

The all new Dura-Ace.

The new Dura-Ace is packed with new features, with every detail giving Dura-Ace the power to make you go faster. A new 11-speed cassette offers a range of gearing options for all situations. More compact lever hoods give improved comfort and control, while the new asymmetric four-arm chainset optimises power delivery. The mechanical shifters have a lighter shifting action thanks to shorter lever throw and new polymer-coated cables. Electronic shifting is improved with E-tube single-wire connections, a lighter, more compact battery with concealed mounting options and improved shifting feedback. New symmetrical dual-pivot brakes give better power and control. There is also a new range of wheels including deep-section aero rims.

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  • Shimano "Dura Ace 9000" Series
  • Shimano "Dura Ace 9000" Series