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High 5 "Energy Source" Energy Drink 2.2kg Tub

EnergySource is an advanced 2:1 fructose sports drink for endurance athletes.
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Brand: High 5
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The 2:1 formulation can provide your working muscles with carbohydrate at a rate of around 90 gram per hour. By contrast, the carbohydrate found in traditional sports drinks can only be absorbed at a rate of ~ 60g per hour. The additional carbohydrate provided by EnergySource enables you to race faster and go further.

If your aim is to finish a long distance challenge feeling great and with a smile on your face, to get a PB or to place on the podium, then EnergySource will help you perform like never before.

With natural flavours EnergySource is light, refreshing and exceptionally easy on the stomach.

Available in 2.2kg Tubs or in-store as handy 12 x 47kg sachets.

Product Features:

  • Fast carbohydrate absorption ~ 90g per hour
  • Exceptional hydration
  • Key electrolytes
  • Very easy on the stomach
  • Light refreshing taste
  • With natural flavours. No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners

For information on this product or the High 5 brand simply visit the company's website.


Athletes were asked to ride on two occasions. On both occasions they rode for 2 1/2 hours at moderate intensity followed by a flat out Time Trial. During one ride they used their own brand of nutrition, as they would normally. During the other ride they used EnergySource with 2:1 fructose, as per the instructions found in the High5 Faster & Further Nutrition Guides.

Research Study 1: Cycling Weekly / Glasgow University (2009) – the 40 mile Time Trial was completed on average 5 minutes 45 seconds faster using High5.

Research Study 2: Martin-Luther- University Germany (2009): during the 40 mile Time riders produced on average 15% more power using High5 (up from 184 to 212 watts).

Research Study 3: Prof. Ernst Albin Hansen Aalborg University, Denmark (2010) – the 48km Time Trial was completed 8 minutes faster using High5.


Research Study 4: (2012) Athletes rode a simulated Cyclo Sportive in the lab and were required to ride as far as possible (a minimum of 60-miles) at a controlled speed. On one occasion they used their own brand of nutrition as they would normally. On another occasion they used High5 2:1 fructose drinks following the High5 Faster & Further Nutritional Guide. Using High5 they rode (on average) 26% further.

For further information on this research and more independent studies visit our Science Section.


To benefit from 2:1 fructose drinks you must use them correctly. Our High5 Faster & Further Nutrition Guides are sports specific, cover every major event distance and provide you with a step-by-step nutrition strategy for your particular body weight. Find out more in the Nutrition Guides section. 

EnergySource contains a high level of key electrolytes. It can provide exceptionally fast hydration as compared to a normal sports drink. The electrolyte levels in EnergySource should be adequate for most race conditions. However, when racing over long distances in very hot conditions, you may wish to add one ZERO (Neutral) tab to 500ml of EnergySource for an even higher level of electrolytes and as part of an anti-cramp strategy.