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High 5 "Zero" Tablets (3 x 10)

Tried. Tested. Trusted. These tablets are simply a must have for anyone prone to cramp or heading out for a hard work out!
Old price: €26.97
Price: €24.99
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Brand: High 5
Out of stock
Old price: €26.97
Price: €24.99
Out of stock
Old price: €26.97
Price: €24.99
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Old price: €26.97
Price: €24.99

Zero tabs produce a clean tasting and highly refreshing sports drink with zero calories. The tabs contain light natural flavours with no artificial colours or preservatives. With electrolytes and magnesium. Zero hydrates fast, so it can be used as part of an anti-cramp strategy.

Simply drop a tab into your re-usable sports bottle and watch it rapidly dissolve. The 20 tab tube makes up to 15 litres of drink, so it’s great value for money. With minimal packaging, Zero is environmentally friendly and easy to keep with you. The easy- break tabs mean that you can choose your ideal drink strength.

Zero is great for anyone who wants to stay hydrated and with a low calorie intake. It’s suitable for a wide range of sports activities such as: football, rugby, biking, martial arts, motor racing, running, triathlon, swimming, hiking, aerobics and racquet sports. With a light non-sweet taste, Zero can be consumed for long periods when working in hot environments such the mining and oil industry, fire fighting and the military.

Available as a handy three pack with flavours of your choice for just €24.99 - also available individually in store for €8.99 each.

1 tube makes 10 litres (1 tablet = 1 500ml serving) 

Product Features:

  • Zero Calories
  • Light & refreshing with a hint of fruit
  • High in electrolytes & magnesium for superior hydration
  • A key element in an anti-cramp strategy
  • With natural flavours. No artificial colours or preservatives.
For information on this product or the High 5 brand simply visit the company's website.


For weight management: researchers have recently shown that during exercise drinking Zero instead of a typical carbohydrate sports drink (6% carbs), 22 participants burned, on average 41% more fat. Independently tested; Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences, University of Glasgow

Find out more about Maximising Fat Burning During Exercise. 


The American College of Sports Nutrition states that: “Muscle cramps are associated with dehydration and electrolyte deficits and muscle fatigue”. Zero hydrates fast and contains the key electrolytes; Sodium and Potassium together with Magnesium and Calcium. Find out more about cramp and how you can avoid it.


Hyponatremia, also called water intoxication, is generally the result of drinking excessive amounts of plain water with no electrolytes during long endurance events. This causes a low concentration of sodium in the blood. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (April, 2005) found that 13 percent of Boston Marathon runners developed Hyponatremia from drinking too much plain water. Zero hydrates fast and contains key electrolytes.

Dosage & Usage

The tabs are designed to break in half to give you control over your drink concentration. Zero can be mixed to your preferred strength, but our recommendation is one tablet per 750ml of water. It can be used before, during and after exercise to aid hydration.