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PROVIZ was set up in 2009 by two cycling enthusiast brothers to meet the need for affordable, light-emitting, bright and visible cycling accessories.

Following extensive searching, we were shocked that there were so few light-emitting accessories on the market, and that cyclists like us were having to improvise current cycle accessories in an attempt to be more visible.  As a result, PROVIZ developed a number of unique, high visibility, light-emitting cycling products which take cycling clothing and accessories to a new level.  The UK’s number one cycling distributor Moore Large & Co Ltd signed up PROVIZ and the unique range of high visibility light-emitting helmets and accessories is now in stores across the UK and available online.

The best selling cycle magazine Cycling Active said: “One of the most innovative new brands to appear in the cycling trade in 2010 was PROVIZ.

For more information on the ProViz brand simply visit their official website.

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