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2014 Kona "Dew DL"

This elegant city bike hides a host of technical features that make it a great option for any city cyclist!

2014 Kona "Dew Plus"

A mid-range option that strikes the optimum balance between price V componentry!

2014 Kona "Dew"

The low price doesn't reflect the quality - best illustrated by lifetime free servicing & Kona guarantee!
Now €399.00
RRP €449.00

2014 Kona "Dr. Dew"

Kona's top-drawer commuter bike, designed to get you between A and B efficiently, confidently and with a smile!

2014 Kona "Dr. Good"

It's all about creating an elegantly simple, feature-savvy commuter imbued with long-lasting durability.

2014 Kona "Honky Tonk"

Snow, sun, long distances, dark hours & early mornings, Kona built the Honky Tonk to ride through it all.
From €999.00

2014 Kona "Jake"

The 2014 Jake holds nothing back; it’s ready for anything you want to throw at it. Commute it, tour it, race it, ride it.

2014 Kona "Precept"

An evolution of the venerable Tanuki, the all-new Precept creates a bike with more singletrack range.

2014 Kona "Process 134"

Featuring the same frame as the Deluxe, the Process 134 does it all at an incredible value.

2014 Kona "Process 153"

When Kona introduced this bike it was an immediate hit. Bike Magazine called it “a genre-defining bike.”

2014 Kona "Rove Ti" Frameset

The tried-and-true Rove geometry is paired up with the durability and compliance of titanium.

2014 Kona "Rove"

The Rove took the world by storm in 2013 - Kona take a proven Cyclocross geometry and tweak it for the road less traveled.

2014 Kona "Splice"

The Splice is perfect for the person who wants a mountain bike, but doesn’t want a mountain bike. Get it?

2014 Kona "Ute"

People have moved apartments, hauled kegs to a party & transported kids to school on this!

2015 // Kona / Dew Deluxe

Elegant city bike with a host of technical features!

2015 // Kona / Dew Plus

Great option that strikes an optimum balance between price & componentry!
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