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2019 // Kona / Big Honzo

You love the Honzo but wanted an aggressive hardtail with a bit more versatility. Enter the Big Honzo.

2019 // Kona / Coco

Close your eyes and picture the sunshine dripping from a Copenhagen sky. Everywhere you look are stylish cyclists aboard stylish bikes.

2019 // Kona / Dew

Adding mechanical disc brakes to the ever reliable Dew platform adds a touch of tech to a funky bike - without a big hit to your wallet!

2019 // Kona / Dew City

The low price doesn't reflect the quality - this bike has "go anywhere - do anything" potential without a huge pricetag - a hugely popular bike for years now.

2019 // Kona / Dew Deluxe

Prepackaged with fenders and a rear rack, the Dew Deluxe is your grocery getting, commute-smashing urban road destroyer!

2019 // Kona / Dew Plus

Hydraulic disc brakes are an essential bit of kit for many discerning cyclists - the "challenging" Irish climate often demands the best braking system possible - something the Dew Plus proudly features.

2019 // Kona / Dr Dew

The Dr Dew has everything a seasoned, knowledgeable rider could want in a bike.

2019 // Kona / Electric Ute

There’s no denying the freedom that a bicycle brings. Shortcuts, the wind in your hair, the feeling of speed – the joys are undeniable!

2019 // Kona / Honzo DL

It’s difficult to really peg the Honzo into a category. It’s an efficient climber, yet truly shines on the descents – especially when things get twisty.

2019 // Kona / Jake the Snake

Want to take your cross curiosity and turn it into mud-churning fun?

2019 // Kona / Libre DL

The Libre DL knows no limits - the ultimate adventure machine.

2019 // Kona / Major Jake

The Major Jake is the perfect bike for the serious racer that is still looking for something they can take on long cross-training rides.

2019 // Kona / Operator

Kona had one goal with the Operator CR: win races. We’ve seen what 29” bikes can do on a downhill track, and the Operator CR is ready to take podiums.

2019 // Kona / Process 153

The Process 153 is a wildly capable all-mountain machine, from trail through to technical DH.

2019 // Kona / Rove

The trail doesn’t end. Nor does the road. That’s where the Rove comes in.

2019 // Kona / Rove DL

It may sound like a cliché to call the Rove DL a versatile machine, but that’s all your fault.

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