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Early Rider

Andy Loveland, founder of Early Rider Ltd: “Early Rider® was conceived when I wanted to get my three-year-old son riding bikes, without training wheels. Disillusioned with the products on offer, I set out to create a bike which I could admire and Freddy would love. In 2006 the Classic was born, and Freddy learned to ride.

We are a British company based in Henley on Thames. Our approach to design, engineering and safety is utterly without compromise and it’s what sets us apart. We strive to produce fantastic pre school bikes that take a fun, systematic and safe approach to teaching children to ride. Our ambition is to get every child mobile, without using stabilisers.

For more information on the Early Rider brand simply visit their official website.

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Early Rider // Alley Runner 12" / 2 - 3 years

Full aluminium frameset, carbon handle bars, carbon seat post - our 'Alley Runner'. For ages 2 - 4.5 years but with a very cool twist...

Early Rider // Belter 16" / 4 - 6 years

The worlds first belt driven kids bike - the revolution has begun! Only 5.6kgs, no dirt, no grease, no maintenance. The perfect first pedal bike.

Early Rider // Belter 20" Trail 3 / 6 - 7 years

Belter 16's big brother comes in 3 variants - the Trail 3 is uber-cool and built to take the rough!

Early Rider // Belter 20" Trail 3S / 6 - 7 years

Belter 16's big brother comes in 3 variants - the Trail 3S adds a high quality front suspension fork to an already high quality bike.

Early Rider // Belter 20" Urban 3 / 6 - 7 years

Belter 16's big brother comes in 3 variants - the Urban 3 offers and internal 3 speed hub for increased versatility.

Early Rider // Bonsai 12" / 2 - 3 years

A fresh new wooden balance bike. Monocoque frame with aluminium headset on 12" wheels. We love it, we think your child will too!

Early Rider // Classic / 2 - 4.5 years

With it’s wide fat boy tyre, low centre of gravity, slackened headset angle, this is surely the most stable learner bike of all – as well as the coolest.

Early Rider // Road Runner 12" / 1.5-3 years

Quite simply - a stunning lightweight drop bar balance bike - why didn't think they think of this before?!

Early Rider // Spherovelo / 1 - 2.5 years

Beautifully designed, it's already been called a 'modern classic' - very few toys look so good around the house - we doubt you'll want to hide this one away!
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