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This autumn sees the launch of C8 by CREATE. An idea that was born from the need to make our products accessible to all, irrespective of budgets. We accept that “expensive bikes” have expensive parts and that these bikes should be the “good” bikes. However our definition of a “good” bicycle is different from existing logic. We appreciate this primitive appetite and desire much more than the theory.

We focus on what people want from their bikes as an ideal, so not only the spec of the bicycle but also the colour and the design, which CREATE believes is equally important. With this notion we developed C8, our “good” bicycle for all to enjoy. In our aim to produce a bicycle for one and all, our C8 range will not only include a fixie series but our first CREATE multi-geared bike. As with the C8 fixie, this bike will be available in 8 striking colours but will also have eight gears.

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