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2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 600

A stunning aerodynamic yet super comfortable platform - in this guise it's equipped with Ultegra components and offers huge value for money.

2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 700 FDJ Ultimate

We're in love - the FDJ team colours are just stunning on this equally stunning Aircode frameset - finish it off with Ultegra electronic components and you're sorted!

2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 800 Ultimate

It's not like mechanical is old school - many of the top pro's still stick it out and prefer the weight and reliability gains of these over electronic transmissions - hence, this bad boy!

2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 900 Ultimate

Dura Ace Di2 is for many, the best groupset in the world - paired to Lapierre's stunning Aircode platform it becomes one of the best bikes in the world too!

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