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TORQ is a Fitness Consultancy. It always has been and always will be. Our roots are firmly entrenched in Fitness Consultancy, Coaching and Mountain Biking and this we believe provides us with our unique edge and integrity. We have developed our range of performance nutrition products, including our prominent range of Energy Bars and Drinks, through a need to offer the highest standard of support to the athletes we work with. We critically analyse every product on the market and take on board their best features – and then improve upon them – every little detail - without compromise. We ask our clients which types of products they prefer to use and continually develop and perfect our range. 

We have uncompromising standards, yet we also have a conscience. We absolutely refuse to use ingredients that are not derived from a NATURAL source, or don’t naturally occur within the human body. We are firmly of the opinion that artificial ingredients like sweeteners offer no performance advantage can cause stomach discomfort and could potentially harm your health long term. We see no point in including them. Advanced compounds like D-Ribose, HMB and L-Glutamine naturally occur within the human body and represent some of the most potent supplements available on the market today, so why would we want to use anything artificial? Every ingredient we use is included to the levels recommended by available research. We do not cut corners and do not accept compromise.

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Torq Energy Bars (Pack of 15)

Slow burning, high performance energy bars that offer all the goodness you need in a tasty package.
From €26.99

Torq Energy Drink (1.5kg)

Painstakingly formulated to deliver TORQ's unique blend of carbohydrate & electrolytes through a flavoured, refreshing and most importantly NATURAL drink.
From €49.99

Torq Energy Gels (Pack of 15)

Best-selling energy product and with good reason - tasty, convenient & fast acting!
From €26.99

Torq Recovery Drink (1.5kg)

TORQ recovery is a highly advanced post-exercise nutritional drink formulation that has been designed to repair, recharge and refuel fatigued muscle tissue after heavy exercise.
From €49.99