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Over €1,000

2018 // Cube / Hyde Race

The Hyde Race is our answer to the very specific demands of urban riding.

2018 // Cube / Kathmandu Pro

Many adventurers and travellers regard Kathmandu as the adventure capital of the world - this bike captures all the spirit of these people...

2018 // Cube / SL Road Race

For those discerning cyclists, seeking a little bit more performance than those in the rest of the pack, the SL Road Race delivers!

2018 // Cube / Travel SL

The Travel SL is no ordinary sports tourer - look closely and you will spot a host of world class features that set it leagues above the competition.

2018 // BMC / AC01 FOUR

Life is a race. Go fast, have fun, and turn heads while getting ahead of the pack. Newly updated for 2018 with the SRAM Apex1 groupset.

2018 // Stevens / Strada 800

Highly impressive spec on a very lightweight bike - a true all rounder.

2018 // Cube / Kathmandu EXC

Heading to the ends of the earth, or just to the edge of the map? You'll want a bike you can rely on, then.

2018 // Cube / Editor

The Editor is an ultra-light urban bike bursting with state-of-the-art high-end components.

2018 // Cube / SL Road SL

The Cube SL Road SL - so good they named it twice! Higher, faster, farther - the SL Road SL is for summiteers!

2018 // Stevens / Strada 900

Lightweight and fast city racer with finely polished weld seams.

2018 // BMC / AC01 THREE

Maybe this is as good as it gets - a bullet proof Alfine internal drivetrain and an exquisite BMC frameset - biking bliss!

2018 // Cube / Kathmandu SL

What d'you need in an adventure touring bike? We made a list and built the Kathmandu SL around it...

2018 // BMC / AC01 TWO

Life is a race. Go fast, have fun, and turn heads while getting ahead of the pack.

2018 // Stevens / Strada 1000

The fastest and most elegant way to explain the term "fitness bike"

2018 // BMC / AC01 ONE

Not just stunning looks, but equally stunning performance, this bike truly is one of the finest long distance bikes available.

2018 // Stevens / P18 Lite

Without any exaggeration - this is simply the best bike of it's kind in the world!