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2017 // Orbea / Comfort Series

4 price points in 3 colours - the comfort series offers a range of quality bikes without going crazy on price!
From €329.00

2017 // Orbea / Carpe 50

A city slicker with functionality and funkiness in equal measure! A great price point with low maintenance but high quality.

2017 // Orbea / Katu Series

The Katu is the little bike for big solutions - comes in 4 price points and in 8 colours - truly individual!
From €399.00

2017 // Orbea / Carpe 40

Throw in mechanical disc brakes and you've got a seriously well specced bike for the money - great for Irish weather!

2017 // Cube / Curve

Cube's entry level bike carries all the quality features you'd expect - with a very low price tag!
From €499.00

2017 // Orbea / Carpe 30

Upgraded hydraulic brakes provide optimal stopping power - at this price point it is stunning value for money.

2017 // Cube / Curve Pro

The Curve Pro is proof that a reliable and robust Country Lite Series bike can also be fun to ride.
From €599.00

2017 // Orbea / Carpe 20

The Carpe 20 steps up a level in terms of gears and components with crisper shifting and lighter weight without a huge price tag.

2017 // Stevens / Albis SX

Relaxed & uber functional with a host of fancy extras without a huge price tag!

2017 // Cube / SL Road

Cube's entry-level option is this Claris equipped city bike ideal for those wanting a sporty yet functional city bike.

2017 // Orbea / Carpe 10

The Carpe 10 is the epitome of style on two wheels, the sleekest ride for getting you from A to B - the flagship in the Carpe series.

2017 // Orbea / Vector 30

A lightweight sports hybrid sharing its components with racing bikes - get the best of both worlds!

2017 // Cube / Touring Pro

The core of the Touring Pro isn't just the high quality frame, but also the hydraulic disc brake system.

2017 // Cube / SL Road Pro

Our best selling hybrid - the SL Road Pro is an athletic sports hybrid with speed AND reliability.

2017 // Orbea / Vector 20

One of our best selling sports hybrids with the all new Sora groupset...

2017 // Stevens / 4X Lite Tour

A lightweight versatile bike with all the bells & whistles!

2017 // Cube / Nature Pro

Well-equipped and ready for anything, the Nature Pro brings a new degree of freedom and versatility to the Country Lite Series category.
From €829.00

2017 // BMC / AC02 Alivio

The Alpenchallenge AC02 is designed to be easily equipped with convenient accessories to make everyday riding easier.

2017 // Stevens / Boulevard SX

Your loyal Companion for City and Countryside.

2017 // BMC / AC02 Nexus 8

Life is a race. Go fast, have fun, and turn heads while getting ahead of the pack!

2017 // Orbea / Vector 10

As good as it gets? Orbea's flaship Vector with Shimano's new Tiagra 10 speed road bike groupset!

2017 // Stevens / 6X Lite Tour

One of our finest all purpose bikes - city, country, you choose!

2017 // Stevens / City Flight Tour

Exquisite finishing details make this a wise choice for many city cyclists.

2017 // Cube / Delhi Pro

The Delhi Pro is perfect for adventure tours!

2017 // Cube / Hyde Race

The Hyde Race is our answer to the very specific demands of urban riding.

2017 // BMC / AC02 Deore

BMC's first, fast urban bike has evolved into the versatile Alpenchallenge AC02, an extraordinary bike built to face the ordinary challenges of daily life.

2017 // Stevens / Strada 800 Disc

Highly impressive spec on a very lightweight bike - a true all rounder.

2017 // BMC / AC01 Sora

How can a bike be all things to all men? Sometimes, it most certainly can! The AC01 is a Sora equipped Behemoth capable of anything!

2017 // BMC / AC02 Tiagra

BMC's Alpenchallenge AC02, equipped with Shimano Tiagra, could be all the bike you ever need for fast, versatile yet highly reliable cycling.

2017 // Cube / SL Road Race

The Cube SL Road Race is a first-class crossover speed bike up for anything you can throw at it!

2017 // Cube / Travel SL

The Travel SL is a very special sports tourer.

2017 // BMC / AC01 Nexus 8

A flawless Nexus 8 speed internal gear system gives bullet proof reliability and very low maintenance requirements.

2017 // BMC / AC02 Alfine 8

A belt driven, internal geared hub offers unparalleled reliability and performance whenever you call on it - one of BMC's finest bikes.

2017 // Cube / Tonopah Pro

When hills turn into mountains or a relaxed spin with friends becomes a long weekend route...

2017 // Cube / SL Road SL

The Cube SL Road SL - so good they named it twice! Higher, faster, farther - the SL Road SL is for summiteers!

2017 // Cube / Editor

The Editor is an ultra-light urban bike bursting with state-of-the-art high-end components.

2017 // BMC / AC01 105

For many 105 is all you every need in a drivetrain, add it to one of BMC's finest bikes and the result is a formidable package.

2017 // Stevens / Super flight Disc

STEVENS' city bike high achiever not only delivers on its elegant appearance.

2017 // BMC / AC01 Alfine 8

Maybe this is as good as it gets - a bullet proof Alfine internal drivetrain and an exquisite BMC frameset - biking bliss!

2017 // BMC / AC01 Alfine 11

Not just stunning looks, but equally stunning performance, this bike truly is one of the finest long distance bikes available.

2017 // Stevens / P-Carpo

Top technology means fun - Stevens' all-new Carpo platform sets the benchmark for years to come.

2017 // Stevens / P18 Lite

Without any exaggeration - this is simply the best bike of it's kind in the world!