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2019 // Orbea / Comfort Series

4 price points in 3 colours starting at just €329 - the comfort series offers a huge amount of choice & the right bike for everyone!
From €329.00

2019 // Orbea / Katu Series

The Katu is the little bike for big solutions - comes in 4 price points starting at just €399 and in 8 colours - truly individual!
From €399.00

2019 // Cannondale / Quick 8

Light weight, comfortable ride, & unbeatable price-point - the Quick 8 is the perfect option for commuting on a budget.

2019 // Kona / Dew City

The low price doesn't reflect the quality - this bike has "go anywhere - do anything" potential without a huge pricetag - a hugely popular bike for years now.

2019 // Orbea / Carpe 40

Mechanical disc brakes on Orbea's all new urban platform - great bike for the money & great for Irish weather!

2019 // Cannondale / Quick 7

Light weight, dependable gears, and a comfortable ride, the Quick 7 is a reliable option for leisure cyclists and commuters.

2019 // Cube / Nature

Cube designed the Nature to be the perfect introduction to the joys of freedom on two wheels. We designed the Nature to be the perfect introduction to the joys of freedom on two wheels.

2019 // Kona / Dew

Adding mechanical disc brakes to the ever reliable Dew platform adds a touch of tech to a funky bike - without a big hit to your wallet!

2019 // Cube / Touring

When the open road beckons, you'll need a bike that's comfortable, versatile, safe and fun to ride. The CUBE Touring ticks all those boxes!

2019 // Orbea / Carpe 30

Upgrade your Carpe to trusty hydraulic brakes provide optimal stopping power - at this price point it is stunning value for money on the all new Carpe platform.

2019 // Cannondale / Quick 6

This is where it all begins - when you decide to work out, not in.

2019 // Cube / Nature Allroad

Whether it's a business meeting that's overrun or a weekend ride that ends up taking you further than you expected, the Nature Allroad can handle it.

2019 // Cube / SL Road

Cube have packed their entry-level sports hybrid with all the tech you could ever need, yet somehow reduced the price to €649 for 2019 - nice work!

2019 // Cube / Hyde

There's no escaping it: getting around town quickly and easily these days clearly means a switch from cars to bikes...

2019 // Cube / Touring Pro

The core element of the Touring Pro, besides its high-quality frame, is the hydraulic disc brake system.

2019 // Kona / Coco

Close your eyes and picture the sunshine dripping from a Copenhagen sky. Everywhere you look are stylish cyclists aboard stylish bikes.

2019 // Kona / Dew Plus

Hydraulic disc brakes are an essential bit of kit for many discerning cyclists - the "challenging" Irish climate often demands the best braking system possible - something the Dew Plus proudly features.

2019 // Orbea / Carpe 20

The Carpe 20 is an urban-centric bike that steps up a level in terms of gears & components with crisper shifting and lighter weight without a huge price tag.

2019 // Orbea / Vector 30

A lightweight sports hybrid with Claris components found on lightweight racing bikes - get the best of both worlds without breaking the bank!

2019 // Cannondale / Quick 5 Disc

The lightweight frame and comfortable geometry of the Quick meets the stopping power of hydraulic disc brakes

2019 // Cube / Nature Exc

If you enjoy exploring off the beaten path, the Nature EXC is designed with you in mind.

2019 // Cannondale / Quick 4 Disc

The Quick SL frame makes for an even lighter bike

2019 // Kona / Dew Deluxe

Prepackaged with fenders and a rear rack, the Dew Deluxe is your grocery getting, commute-smashing urban road destroyer!

2019 // Orbea / Vector 20

One of our best selling sports hybrids with Shimano's Sora groupset - fully revamped for 2019!

2019 // Cannondale / Bad Boy 4

Forward-thinking design meets serious city performance. Urban mobility has never looked so good!

2019 // Cube / Nature Exc Allroad

The Nature EXC Allroad is an all-season, all-weather bike that's designed to inspire you to get out and ride, whatever the conditions.

2019 // Cube / SL Road Pro

The SL Road Pro is a high performance, great value bike for riders who value both speed and simplicity - our best selling sports hybrid for years!

2019 // Cube / Touring Exc

We reckon the Touring EXC is the ideal all-rounder - perfect for longer rides at the weekend, daily use as a traffic-beating commuter or just as an excuse to get out in the fresh air and exercise.

2019 // Cube / Travel

When you buy the CUBE Travel, the adventure comes free with the bike! The Travel series gives true go anywhere capability to an already well established city & touring bike.

2019 // Cannondale / Quick 3 Disc

The lighter "Quick SL" frame, Shimano's Sora groupset, and Hydraulic Disc Brakes make for a serious commuting machine

2019 // Cube / Hyde Pro

Don't be fooled by its understated looks - under its unassuming exterior the Hyde Pro is a true urban lifestyle bike for riders who value both form and function.

2019 // Cannondale / Bad Boy 3

The Bad Boy 3 is style with substance - rule the streets with high volume tyres, hydraulic disc brakes, and a rigid lefty fork.

2019 // Cannondale / Quick 2 Disc

Hydraulic Disc Brakes, a dependable 1X drivetrain, and an exceptionally lightweight frame - all for under €1000

2019 // Orbea / Carpe 10

The Carpe 10 is the epitome of style on two wheels, the sleekest ride for getting you from A to B - the flagship in the Carpe series.

2019 // Orbea / Vector 10

As good as it gets? Orbea's flaship Vector with Shimano's new Tiagra 10 speed road bike groupset.

2019 // Cube / SL Road Race

The SL Road Race is a pared-down mile-muncher built for speed! Equipped with top notch Shimano 105 components and with an RRP reduced by €100 in 2019 it's surely the best bang-for-buck-bike on the market!

2019 // Cube / Travel Pro

The Travel Pro takes all the functionality, comfort and practicality of our Travel series and adds an 8 speed hub gear and low-maintenance belt drive for the ultimate in hassle-free cycling.

2019 // Cube / Hyde Race

Need to get rapidly from A to B in an urban environment? Allow us to introduce the Hyde Race. Light, quick and comfortable, it's the city bike of choice for discerning riders!

2019 // Kona / Dr Dew

The Dr Dew has everything a seasoned, knowledgeable rider could want in a bike.

2019 // Orbea / Vector 10 Drop

We can't quite get our head round the value on this all new 2019 model - hydraulic disc brakes, carbon fork, Tiagra 10 speed... stunning!

2019 // Cannondale / Quick 1 Disc

Everything you could need on your daily commute, and then some.

2019 // Cube / Travel SL

Don't be deceived by its understated looks - the Travel SL is no ordinary sports tourer - packed full of technology it demands a 2nd look, and a 3rd...

2019 // Orbea / Vector 10 Drop LTD

An all rounder that carves its own niche into the market - functional commuter, sports hybrid, gravel bike, world traveller, winter hacker - all things to all cyclists!

2019 // Cube / SL Road SL

Higher, further, faster, more - the SL Road SL could have been built for Strava KOM-chasers or, indeed, anyone who enjoys the thrill of greater speed and more distance.

2019 // Cannondale / Bad Boy 2

Get noticed with cleanly integrated LED lights in the Lefty LightPipe fork and seatpost, and a lightweight 1X drivetrain.

2019 // Cube / Editor

We had a simple goal in mind when we set out to design the Editor: make the ultimate urban assault bike. Ultimate looks, ultimate comfort, ultimate speed, ultimate practicality...

2019 // Cannondale / Bad Boy 1

A carbon belt drive, integrated fork & seat-post lights, and hydraulic disc brakes all make for a virtually bombproof urban machine.

2019 // Cube / Travel SLT

What would your ideal all-round touring bike look like? We reckon it'd look a lot like the Travel SLT!