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High 5 "Zero" Tablets (3 x 10)

Tried. Tested. Trusted. These tablets are simply a must have for anyone prone to cramp or heading out for a hard work out!
From €24.99

Powerbar "Energize" Energy Shots (Pack of 16)

One of our most popular energy products - tried, tested & trusted by a huge number of customers to get them through any tough days on the bike.
From €27.50

High 5 "Energy Source" Energy Drink 2.2kg Tub

EnergySource is an advanced 2:1 fructose sports drink for endurance athletes.
From €29.99

Powerbar "Protein Plus" Recovery Bars (Pack of 15)

A great choice for use before and after activities where protein intake has been shown to help improve growth and reduce breakdown of muscle.
From €33.50

High 5 "4:1 Energy Source" Energy Drink 1.6kg Tub

Our most popular energy drink - ALL IN ONE energy and recovery drink for use during & after training & racing.
From €34.99

Torq Energy Drink (1.5kg)

Painstakingly formulated to deliver TORQ's unique blend of carbohydrate & electrolytes through a flavoured, refreshing and most importantly NATURAL drink.
From €35.50

Torq Energy Bars (Pack of 24)

Slow burning, high performance energy bars that offer all the goodness you need in a tasty package.
From €37.50

Torq Energy Gels (Pack of 20)

Best-selling energy product and with good reason - tasty, convenient & fast acting!
From €37.50

Powerbar "Energize" Energy Bars (Pack of 25)

The definitive choice when energy delivery and endurance are paramount - very possibly the most technically-rich bars available.
From €39.99

Torq Recovery Drink (1.5kg)

TORQ recovery is a highly advanced post-exercise nutritional drink formulation that has been designed to repair, recharge and refuel fatigued muscle tissue after heavy exercise.
From €49.99