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Cube // Germany

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2018 // Cube / Nature

Cube's starting point for their versatile Nature series offer a very well kitted out bike for the money and often its all an adventurous cyclists needs!

2018 // Cube / Nature Pro

Well-equipped and ready for anything, the Nature Pro brings a new degree of freedom and versatility to the Country Lite Series category.

2018 // Cube / SL Road

Cube's hugely popular sports hybrid series starts with a bang - Claris components and hydraulic disc brakes offer serious value for money!

2018 // Cube / Hyde

There's no escaping it: getting around town quickly and easily these days clearly means a switch from cars to bikes...

2018 // Cube / Nature EXC

If you enjoy exploring off the beaten path, the Nature EXC is designed with you in mind - available in two stunning colours!

2018 // Cube / Nature Pro Allroad

The Allroad version of the ever popular Nature Pro adds colour coded mudguards, dynamo lights and a few other functional touches to offer a truly versatile city & touring bike...

2018 // Cube / Nature SL

Well-equipped and ready for any challenge, the Nature SL brings a new degree of freedom, versatility and performance to the hybrid category.

2018 // Cube / SL Road Pro

By far our best selling city bike in recent years, lightweight yet rugged, sporty yet comfortable, reliable yet high performing - what more could you ask for?!

2018 // Cube / Hyde Pro

Don't be deceived by its understated looks: the Hyde Pro is a true urban lifestyle bike for riders who appreciate style as much as they do function.

2018 // Cube / Nature SL Allroad

The Nature SL Allroad is an all-season, all-weather bike that'll inspire you to get out and ride, whatever the conditions.

2018 // Cube / Touring SL

When you're designing the best, only the best will do.

2018 // Cube / Hyde Race

The Hyde Race is our answer to the very specific demands of urban riding.

2018 // Cube / Kathmandu Pro

Many adventurers and travellers regard Kathmandu as the adventure capital of the world - this bike captures all the spirit of these people...

2018 // Cube / SL Road Race

For those discerning cyclists, seeking a little bit more performance than those in the rest of the pack, the SL Road Race delivers!

2018 // Cube / Travel SL

The Travel SL is no ordinary sports tourer - look closely and you will spot a host of world class features that set it leagues above the competition.

2018 // Cube / Kathmandu EXC

Heading to the ends of the earth, or just to the edge of the map? You'll want a bike you can rely on, then.

2018 // Cube / Editor

The Editor is an ultra-light urban bike bursting with state-of-the-art high-end components.

2018 // Cube / SL Road SL

The Cube SL Road SL - so good they named it twice! Higher, faster, farther - the SL Road SL is for summiteers!

2018 // Cube / Kathmandu SL

What d'you need in an adventure touring bike? We made a list and built the Kathmandu SL around it...