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2018 // Lapierre / Audacio 100

A trusty Shimano Claris groupset - totally revamped for 2018 - adorns this great value road bike fit for any new challenges.
Now €699.00
RRP €799.00

2018 // Orbea / Avant H70

Maybe it's time to give road riding a try, maybe it's time to get fit - whatever your reasons, the H70 will do the job.

2018 // Cube / Attain

When the open road calls, you'll want a bike that blends comfort with agility, easy handling and lively performance.

2018 // Kona / Rove AL

The Rove AL is the bike you want for every ride, and it’s built for adventures you don’t even know about yet.

2018 // Lapierre / Audacio 200 FDJ

Inspired by the exploited of the FDK Professionals, the Audacio 200 carries much of the spirit of the high level tech used by the team.
Now €799.00
RRP €899.00

2018 // Orbea / Avant H60

Meet your first road bike - the Avant H60. Rediscovering open roads, new places, and new perspectives!

2018 // Orbea / Avant H50

Road bikes can be intimidating, but the Avant H50 isn't. A perfect foray into the world of high-end bikes.

2018 // Cube / Attain Pro Disc

Comfort & lively handling are redefined by our Attain Pro Disc - packing stunning tech into a stunning price tag - one of our best selling bikes.

2018 // Cannondale / Synapse AL Disc Sora

Cannondale's stunning Synapse platform has received high praise from all who've tested it - this Sora equipped model proves high end bikes needn't cost the earth!

2018 // Kona / Rove DL

It may sound like a cliché to call the Rove DL a versatile machine, but that’s all your fault.

2018 // Lapierre / Audacio 300

It's hard to find fault with Shimano's newly revised Tiagra groupset, so paired with the Audacio frameset it's a serious bike for not so serious money.
Now €999.00
RRP €1149.00

2018 // Orbea / Avant H40

A stunning bike, a stunning price! Shimano's Tiagra 10spd groups has proven itself as an awesome option.

2018 // Cube / Attain Race Disc

Shimano Tiagra's 10 speed groupset, disc brakes, a carbon fork, a lightweight aluminium frame, comfortable geometry, under €1k... what are you waiting for?!

2018 // Cube / Nuroad

When the road turns to dirt, why should you have to turn around and go back? The brand new CUBE Nuroad bridges the gap between road and 'cross & starts at just €999!

2018 // Stevens / San Remo

The 2018 Stevens San Remo retains it's elegant and timeless lines yet always moves with the time with a top quality build and components.

2018 // Cube / Attain SL

Cube just keeps defying the odds with this stunning full Shimano 105 equipped bike for just €1,099 for 2018!

2018 // Kona / Esatto

For the burgeoning road cyclist looking for that perfect blend of ride performance and utility.

2018 // Orbea / Avant H30

One of our best selling road bikes with Shimano 105 11 spd components and lots of high end features.

2018 // BMC / Teammachine ALR01 THREE

Shimano's 10 Speed Tiagra groupset set a new benchmark in terms of quality & price - paired with the BMC ALR01 platform it's simply stunning!

2018 // Cannondale / Synapse AL Disc Tiagra

Pairing Cannondale's Synapse platform with Shimano's recently revised Tiagra groupset offers a really great package for this price point!

2018 // Cannondale / CAAD12 Tiagra

A quantum leap in aluminium performance, this Shimano Tiagra equipped bike offers awesome performance & reliability...

2018 // Lapierre / Audacio 500

For many Shimano's 105 11 speed groupset is all they need - we tend to agree - high spec without a high price!

2018 // Stevens / Stelvio

Shimano benchmark affordable performance groupset - 105 11 speed - is paired with a very high quality aluminium frame.

2018 // Cube / Attain SL Disc

For 2018 the Attain SL Disc went the whole hog and specced hydraulic disc brakes for the ultimate in stopping power while keeping the price as competitive as ever.

2018 // Cannondale / Synapse AL Disc 105

For many, Shimano's 105 11 speed groupset is as good as it gets - once it's matched to Cannondale's Synapse platform it's hard to argue!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine ALR01 TWO

Shimano's highly respected 105 11 speed groupset completes this stunning prospect.

2018 // Cube / Nuroad Pro

Take the long way home, even if it means leaving the reassuring smoothness of Tarmac behind. The all new Nuroad Pro combines all the best qualities of our road race and cyclocross series.

2018 // Cannondale / Synapse AL Disc SE 105

The best aluminium Synapse on the market - 105 components and Cannondale's proprietary "Si FSA" crankset - leaves nothing to be desired.

2018 // Cube / Nuroad Exc

Fast, fun, versatile: an impossible combination? Not with the Nuroad Exc. The Nuroad Exc's brand new alumium frame is built for comfort, confidence-inspiring handling and all-round versatility.

2018 // Kona / Esatto D

With the same road warrior frame as the Esatto DDL, the Esatto Disc has a smart spec that makes it a great blend of modern performance and utilitarian dreams.

2018 // Kona / Rove ST

The venerable steel adventurer is back, offering that smooth steel ride and a great parts spec in a package with a whole lot of potential.

2018 // Cannondale / CAAD12 105

Join the Aluminati: lighter, stiffer and smoother riding than many carbon frames, CAAD12 is simply the most sophisticated, highest performing aluminum race bike ever made...

2018 // Stevens / Aspin

The Shimano Ultegra 11 speed gruppo and the lightweight STEVENS Aspin frame are a perfect match.

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM03 THREE

A brand new entry in the RM03 line-up for 2018 & we're very impressed - the new X1 set up is sure to appeal to many riders.

2018 // Kona / Rove NRB

The Rove NRB is the evolution of the bike that was doing gravel before it became a buzzword.

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM03 TWO

A stunning BMC bike featuring a host of high level features without a high level price tag!

2018 // Cannondale / CAAD12 Disc 105

We reckon this puts one of the "A's" in "CAAD"... it stands for "Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design" and this is surely as advanced as aluminium tech gets - bang on trend!

2018 // Orbea / Gain D40 (Claris/Mech Disc)

Look closely... closer... nah, even closer... yes, this is an electric bike, but not as you know it!

2018 // Stevens / Aspin Disc

When it's all about 100 % performance in any kind of situation, this aluminium racer is superior.

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM03 ONE

Who said you couldn’t have it all? Due to the ultimate advancements in a re-Tuned Compliance Concept it looks like now you can!

2018 // Kona / Esatto DDL

What a road bike is meant to be. With roads generally in disrepair, it’s time for a modern road bike that can handle current circumstances.

2018 // Cannondale / CAAD12 Ultegra

Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design, or CAAD for short - this range has always represented what’s possible with aluminium, the fact they’re made of metal not carbon doesn’t stop them being used for racing, in fact, that’s exactly what it’s bred for!

2018 // Kona / Rove NRB DL

Consider a simple question: what does a modern road bike look like?

2018 // Cannondale / CAAD12 Disc Ultegra

Ultegra hydraulic & mechanical components adorn Cannondales highly revered CAAD12 aluminium frameset resulting in a very high performance yet highly reliable bike.

2018 // Orbea / Gain D30 (Tiagra/Hyd Disc)

Look closely... closer... nah, even closer... yes, this is an electric bike, but not as you know it!

2018 // Orbea / Gain D20 (SRAM Rival/Hyd Disc)

Look closely... closer... nah, even closer... yes, this is an electric bike, but not as you know it!

2018 // Orbea / Gain D10 (Ultegra/Hyd Disc)

Look closely... closer... nah, even closer... yes, this is an electric bike, but not as you know it!

2018 // Orbea / Gain D15 (SRAM Force/Hyd Disc)

Look closely... closer... nah, even closer... yes, this is an electric bike, but not as you know it!

2018 // Kona / Rove LTD

The Rove LTD is the pinnacle of our expanded Rove lineup.

2018 // Cannondale / CAAD12 Disc Dura Ace

Cannondales flagship CAAD12 aluminium frameset, meets Shimano's flagship mechanical & hydraulic groupset offering a bike that lighter, more comfortable and more reliable than most carbon offerings...