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2017 // Orbea / Avant H70

Maybe it's time to give road riding a try, maybe it's time to get fit - whatever your reasons, the H70 will do the job.

2017 // Cube / Attain

Cube's entry-level option is this Claris equipped road bike that cuts no corners & suits those wanting high quality with not so high pricing.

2017 // Orbea / Avant H60

Meet your first road bike - the Avant H60. Rediscovering open roads, new places, and new perspectives!

2017 // Orbea / Avant H50

Road bikes can be intimidating, but the Avant H50 isn't. A perfect foray into the world of high-end bikes.

2017 // Cube / Attain Pro

A game changer come together in the Attain Pro - an all new Sora & disc equipped bike that strikes a great balance between price & performance.

2017 // BMC / ALR01 Sora

A Teammachine for everyone - all the quality you'd expect from BMC at a very good price.

2017 // Cube / Attain Race

Shimano's trusted Tiagra components combined with Cube's new Attain deliver a very exciting prospect at a very exciting price!

2017 // Orbea / Avant H40

A stunning bike, a stunning price! Shimano's Tiagra 10spd groups has proven itself as an awesome option.

2017 // Stevens / San Remo

Our best selling aluminium Stevens provide timeless comfort and performance with cutting edge components.

2017 // Orbea / Avant H30

One of our best selling road bikes with Shimano 105 11 spd components and lots of high end features.

2017 // BMC / ALR01 Tiagra

The all new Shimano Tiagra 10spd groupset and a stunning Teammachine frameset - a winning combo!

2017 // Cube / Attain SL

The Attain SL is the featherweight athlete of the Attain series - and probably the most versatile model to boot.

2017 // Cube / Attain Race Disc

Shimano's awesome Tiagra components combined with savage hydraulic stopping power!

2017 // Stevens / Stelvio

Shimano super popular 105 11 speed compact drivetrain is paired with a very high quality aluminium frame.

2017 // BMC / ALR01 105

Shimano's highly respected 105 11 speed groupset completes this stunning prospect.

2017 // Cube / Attain SL Disc

Hydraulic disc brakes on a race bike? The Attain SL Disc proves that this needn't be a contradiction, if anything, it's the way forward!

2017 // Orbea / Avant M40

Let the Avant M40 show you what real bikes are made of! A formidable bike without the formidable price tag!

2017 // BMC / SLR03 Sora

Trusty Shimano Sora components on BMC's highly respected Teammachine carbon frameset.

2017 // Cube / Attain GTC

The Attain GTC is a milestone in the world of carbon road frames - Cube have raised the bar ever further in terms of quality, design, and value for money.
From €1599.00

2017 // Koga / Beach Racer

Not just for the beach!
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2017 // BMC / SLR03 Tiagra

Shimano's all new Tiagra groupset offers a serious performance pack on BMC's stunning Timemachine frameset.

2017 // Orbea / Avant M30

Orbea designed the Avant for the rider whose cycling experiences go far beyond the summer race course.

2017 // Stevens / Aspin

The Shimano Ultegra 11 speed gruppo and the lightweight STEVENS Aspin frame are a perfect match.

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 03 Tiagra

A stunning entry level BMC bike featuring a host of high level features without a high level pricetag!

2017 // Orbea / Orca M30

Shimano 105 is a group made for accessible performance, always heir-apparent to components costing three times as much.

2017 // Stevens / Izoard (54cm)

This entry-level carbon racer features 105 components: Full carbon frame and fork including a stiff tapered steerer.

2017 // BMC / GF02 Tiagra

Designed for those seeking the performance and distinct ride quality of the Granfondo GF01 in a more economical package.

2017 // BMC / SLR03 105

Shimano's 11 speed groupset is highly respected, as is BMC's Teammachine carbon frameset - the result is spectacular!

2017 // Cube / Attain GTC Race

A stunning combination of high end components on a high performance carbon frameset delivers every time.

2017 // BMC / ALR01 Ultegra

As good as it gets? We think so - an Ultegra 11 speed groupset delivers the best ALR available.

2017 // Cube / Attain GTC Pro Disc

Hydraulic disc brakes on Cube's stunning Attain GTC carbon platform - just about as modern as a bike can get!

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 03 105

Who said you couldn’t have it all? Due to the ultimate advancements in a re-Tuned Compliance Concept it looks like now you can!

2017 // Cube / Agree C:62 Disc

A stunning carbon frameset that takes the best of all the latest technology and Cube's experience and delivers it in a stunning package.

2017 // Cube / Attain GTC SL Disc

A stunning combination of high end components on a high performance carbon frameset delivers every time.

2017 // Orbea / Orca M20

Equipped with a capable FSA cockpit and Mavic wheels, it’s the ideal bike for almost any racer looking for the best performance for the price.

2017 // Stevens / Custom Arcalis

A full high quality customisable bike with a million possibilities - create your own dream bike!
From €2199.00

2017 // Stevens / Izoard Pro

This entry-level carbon racer features pro-level components: Full carbon frame and fork including a stiff tapered steerer.

2017 // BMC / SLR02 105

A Professional level bike with Shimano's highly revered 105 11 speed groupset - a formidable package.

2017 // Stevens / Custom Xenon

The Stevens frame chosen by their professional riders for its high performance and reliability levels.
From €2299.00

2017 // BMC / GF02 105

Possibly the perfect bike for Irish cyclists - trusted 105 11 speed with an ergonomic high quality carbon frameset.

2017 // BMC / SLR03 Ultegra

This could be all the bike you'll ever need - bullet proof components on one of the best framesets available!

2017 // Cube / Agree C:62 Pro

Cube's Agree C:62 Pro sets new standards in the endurance race bike category - offering unrivalled value, quality & performance in the category.

2017 // Stevens / Custom Ventoux

The Ventoux is a multi award winning, multi tasking, versatile beauty! Our best selling Stevens carbon road bike - fully customisable to your needs!
From €2399.00

2017 // BMC / TMR02 105

The fastest frameset in the world with Shimano 105 components - a great combination at a great price.

2017 // Orbea / Avant M30 Team-D

Value is such a dirty word these days, isn’t it? With the Avant M30D, it doesn’t need to be!

2017 // Stevens / Custom Arcalis Disc

This is truely cutting edge kit - a bike that year after year instantly turns die hard MTB riders into born again roadies...
From €2599.00

2017 // Cube / Litening C:62

Attack on this bike when your competitors are at their limits and you'll storm ahead.

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 02 105

The all new BMC Roadmachine is one of the finest bikes in the world - this 105-equipped version offers it up to the masses!

2017 // Stevens / Custom Comet

A Comet that is truly out of this world - super lightweight gives it phenomenal climbing performance.
From €2799.00

2017 // Stevens / Custom Ventoux Disc

A multiple Eurobike award winner with the added performance of disc brakes.
From €2799.00

2017 // Orbea / Avant M20 Team-D

Going long will become your new pastime on the Avant M20D - a hugely capable, jack of all trades bike that has no weaknesses, only strengths!

2017 // BMC / SLR02 Ultegra

Shimano's Ultegra components leave little to be desired when added to BMC's stunning Teammachine frameset.

2017 // BMC / TMR02 Ultegra

A slice of the pro life without the crazy price tags - Ultegra delivers every time, the TMR02 frameset does it faster than anyone else!

2017 // Cube / Agree C:62 Race Disc

Turn up on the start line with the Agree C:62 Race Disc & you've no excuses!

2017 // Orbea / Orca M20i

Electronic shifting is the future, and thanks to the Orca M20i, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be the present.

2017 // BMC / GF02 Ultegra

Leaves very little to be desired with Shimano's highly respected Ultegra 11 speed components completing the package.

2017 // Cube / Agree C:62 SL (Team Wanty)

Paying homage to the chosen steed of the Wanty Group professional cycling team.

2017 // Cube / Litening C:62 Pro

Shimano's benchmark electronic Ultegra Di2 Groupset complements Cube's outstanding C:62 frameset.

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 02 Ultegra

BMC launched the Roadmachine this year and already it has become one of the finest bikes in the world - a host of choices suit all riders!

2017 // BMC / SLR01 DTi Frameset

An option to build your dream bike using one of the best framesets in the world.

2017 // Orbea / Orca M20i Pro

Shimano’s 11-speed Ultegra Di2 group is more like Dura-Ace Di2 than not, save for the initial cost.

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 01 DTi Frameset

Build up your own ultimate dream bike starting with one of the best new framesets on the market today - full fitting service available in-store!

2017 // Cube / Agree C:62 SLT Disc

The podium awaits: Cube's approach with the Agree C:62 SLT disc was totally uncompromising...

2017 // BMC / SLR02 Ui2

Maybe this is as good as it gets - Shimano's flawless Ui2 electronic drivetrain and BMC's stunning Teammachine frameset.

2017 // BMC / TMR01 DTi Frameset

The Big Kahuna - this all-singing, all-dancing TMR01 DTi frameset is yours to build up however which way you like!

2017 // Orbea / Avant M20i Team-D

Shimano’s unstoppable electronic shifting meets road hydraulic disc brakes in the Avant M20iD.

2017 // Cube / Litening C:62 Race

When every second counts - whether it's towards a podium finish or a personal best...

2017 // BMC / SLR01 Ultegra

If it's good enough for the Tour de France, it sure is good enough for us!

2017 // Orbea / Orca M20i Team

Orbea's stunning new world class Orca frameset comes to life with this impressively specified & priced model.

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 02 Ui2

BMC launched the Roadmachine this year and already it has become one of the finest bikes in the world - a host of choices suit all riders!

2017 // Orbea / Orca M10 Team

When it comes to taking down the local KOM or hanging with the pro on the group ride, the Orca M10 can make up the difference.

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 01 Ultegra

The Roadmachine 01 uses the finest carbon available to create on of the most ultimate road framesets in the world - Ultegra is the perfect match.

2017 // BMC / TMR01 Ultegra

A truely stunning machine, it set the benchmark as the first true Aero bike, and has kept ahead of the pack while others chased behind.

2017 // Cube / Litening C:68 SL (Team Wanty)

This C:68 SL is so fast on the climbs it'll make your eyes water, even if you're wearing shades.

2017 // BMC / SLR01 Ui2

Electronic shifting has paved the way for the future of drivetrains, when paired with a stunning frameset there is no equal.

2017 // Orbea / Orca M11 iTeam

SRAM's stunning wireless electronic components have revolutionised the industry and raised the bar even higher than before.

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 01 Ui2

Pairing electronic & hydraulic Ultegra components to the all-new Roadmachine comfortable makes this one of the finest and most cutting edge bikes in the world.

2017 // Cube / Litening C:68 SLT

Enough really is enough - it'd be impossible to imagine more exclusivity than this - Cube's flagship road bike.

2017 // BMC / SLR01 Dura Ace

Simply put - Dura Ace is the flagship groupset in the market, tried, tested & trusted by the biggest pro's in the world, Cancellara, to name but one!

2017 // Orbea / Orca M10 iLTD Disc

Orbea's flagship race bike with recently revised Orca frame paired with the new Dura Ace Di2 hydraulic groupset - stunner!

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 01 LTD

As if the all new RM01 platform wasn't exclusive enough... BMC have somehow made something truly extraordinary with the LTD!
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2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 01 Di2

Quite simply, this is world class stuff - the very best of everything from frame to gears to brakes and everything in between...

2017 // BMC / SLR01 Di2

The bike used by the biggest pro's in the world, stunningly high perforance and quality in every detail - one of the best bikes in the world.

2017 // BMC / Roadmachine 01 One

Emmm... yeah... we're speechless too!!
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