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2019 // Cube / Attain

When the open road calls, you'll want a bike that blends comfort with agility, easy handling and lively performance.

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse CAAD Optimo Claris

We're huge fans of the CAAD Option - brimming with high end tech and old school geometry - it's a simple formula, and it works every time!

2019 // Kona / Rove

The trail doesn’t end. Nor does the road. That’s where the Rove comes in.

2019 // Lapierre / Audacio 100

A trusty Shimano Claris groupset adorns this great value road bike fit for any new challenges.

2019 // Orbea / Avant H60

Perfectly poised to get you rolling - meet your first road bike - the Avant H60, in no time it'll have you rediscovering open roads, new places, and new perspectives!

2019 // Orbea / Avant H50

Road bikes can be intimidating, but the Avant H50 simply isn't - it's the perfect foray into the world of high-end bikes without the associated price tags.

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse CAAD Optimo Sora

Shimano's Sora 9 speed groupset has come on in leaps & bounds recently - paired with Cannondales highly respected CAAD platform it's truly an incredible pairing.

2019 // Cube / Attain Pro Disc

One of our best selling road bikes - well priced, well specced & packed with high end, forward thinking technology - comfortable, lightweight - you can see why it's so popular!

2019 // Lapierre / Audacio 200 FDJ

A tribute to one of the peloton's best loved Pro teams - Groupama FDJ - stunning style matched with high quality Sora components.

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse AL Disc Sora

Cannondale's stunning Synapse platform has received high praise from all who've tested it - this Sora equipped model proves high end bikes needn't cost the earth!

2019 // Cube / Attain Race

An all-new model for 2019 speccing Cube's awesome Attain frameset with a full Tiagra groupset and tried & tested caliper brakes - all under €1k.

2019 // Kona / Rove DL

It may sound like a cliché to call the Rove DL a versatile machine, but that’s all your fault.

2019 // Orbea / Avant H40

A stunning bike, a stunning price! Shimano's Tiagra 10spd groupset has proven itself as an awesome option with no compromise - hugely popular bike.

2018 // Stevens / San Remo

The 2018 Stevens San Remo retains it's elegant and timeless lines yet always moves with the time with a top quality build and components.

2019 // Lapierre / Audacio 300

Tiagra's sweet shifting 10 speed transmission is considered a very reliable match with Lapierre's super popular Audacion frameset.

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse CAAD Optimo Tiagra

For many riders, Shimano's Tiagra 10 speed groupset is all they'll ever need, high quality & ergonomics deliver great performance, especially when paired with the CAAD platform.

2019 // Cube / Attain Race Disc

Shimano Tiagra's 10 speed groupset, disc brakes, a carbon fork, a lightweight aluminium frame, comfortable geometry, under €1k... what are you waiting for?

2019 // Orbea / Avant H30

One of our best selling road bikes with Shimano 105 11 spd components and lots of high end features - super comfortable & very well priced.

2018 // BMC / Teammachine ALR01 THREE

Shimano's 10 Speed Tiagra groupset set a new benchmark in terms of quality & price - paired with the BMC ALR01 platform it's simply stunning!

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse CAAD Optimo 105

Don't get outta bed for less than "105"... riders in the know, know that Shimano 105 11 speed might be as good as it gets - the bike of choice for discerning riders...

2019 // Cube / Attain SL

The Attain SL is the featherweight athlete of the Attain series - and probably the most versatile model to boot.

2019 // Lapierre / Audacio 500

Tiagra's sweet shifting 10 speed transmission is considered a very reliable match with Lapierre's super popular Audacion frameset.

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse AL Disc Tiagra

Pairing Cannondale's Synapse platform with Shimano's recently revised Tiagra groupset offers a really great package for this price point!

2018 // Stevens / Stelvio

Shimano benchmark affordable performance groupset - 105 11 speed - is paired with a very high quality aluminium frame.

2019 // Cube / Attain SL Disc

For 2019 the Attain SL Disc has gone the whole hog with all new Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes - the ultimate in stopping power while keeping the price as competitive as ever.

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse AL Disc 105

The ideal first road bike for someone looking for exceptional handling, comfort, performance, versatility and value.

2018 // BMC / Teammachine ALR01 TWO

Shimano's highly respected 105 11 speed groupset completes this stunning prospect.

2019 // Cube / Attain GTC Pro

The Attain GTC is a milestone in the world of carbon road frames - in terms of quality, design, and value for money - for 2019 the RRP has been reduced by €100 to make it by far the best value carbon bike on the market.

2019 // Kona / Sutra

The Sutra is our classic steel touring bike, with all the accoutrements you’ll need to set out on your dream trip.

2019 // Orbea / Orca M40

One of our favourite new bikes for 2019 - truly world class carbon frame & solid components at a genuinely awesome price point... not to mention the stunning looks!

2019 // Lapierre / Sensium 300

High end performance carbon needn't cost the earth - the Sensium 300 is proof of this with Shimano's highly respected Tiagra 10 speed transmission.

2019 // Kona / Rove ST

The venerable steel adventurer is back, offering that smooth steel ride and a great parts spec in a package with a whole lot of potential.

2019 // Cube / Attain GTC Race

Cube designed the Attain GTC Race so that it's as comfortable as it is fast - it was already great value - now it's insanely good value with a €50 price drop for 2019!

2018 // Stevens / Aspin

The Shimano Ultegra 11 speed gruppo and the lightweight STEVENS Aspin frame are a perfect match.

2019 // Lapierre / Sensium 500

Shimano's highly revered 105 11 speed transmission is a perfect match for Lapierre's stunning Sensium carbon frameset.

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM03 THREE

A brand new entry in the RM03 line-up for 2018 & we're very impressed - the new X1 set up is sure to appeal to many riders.

2019 // Orbea / Orca M30

Shimano 105 is a group made for accessible performance, always heir-apparent to components costing three times as much.

2019 // Orbea / Orca M32

Be your own master and add a touch of Italian class with a Campagnolo Centaur 11 speed groupset on this great value, high performacnce carbon frameset.

2018 // Stevens / Izoard

This entry-level carbon racer features 105 components: Full carbon frame and fork including a stiff tapered steerer.

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM03 TWO

A stunning BMC bike featuring a host of high level features without a high level price tag!

2019 // Orbea / Orca OMP Frameset

Nothing better than a DIY bike project - Orbea offer their hugely successful Orca OMP platform as a frameset only option so you can get stuck in!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR03 ONE

Shimano's 11 speed 105 groupset is highly respected, as is BMC's Teammachine carbon frameset - the result is spectacular!

2018 // Stevens / Aspin Disc

When it's all about 100 % performance in any kind of situation, this aluminium racer is superior.

2019 // Cube / Attain GTC SL Disc

Every range needs its flagship and, for the Attain series, this is it: the GTC SLT - the culmination of all Cube's expertise in carbon frame technology without a crazy price tag - in fact, it's now €300 less than last year!

2019 // Kona / Sutra LTD

The Sutra LTD represents the converging trajectories of mountain and road bike parts - it is what happens when a mountain biker imagines a touring bike.

2019 // Lapierre / Sensium 500 Disc

Hydraulic disc brakes equipped on Lapierre's high performing Sensium carbon frameset result in the complete package - at a very nice price!

2019 // Orbea / Gain D50

One of our best selling Gains and for good reason - this one comes in at under €2k and for many it is literally all the bike they'll ever need.

2019 // Lapierre / Pulsium 500

Lapierre's new platform with increased stiffness and comfort, Superlight Technology, Carbon layup ready for competition & Shock Absorption Technology (SAT) vibration damper for improved comfort and reduced energy loss.

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum 105

High end technology needn't cost the earth - and here's the proof!

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse Carbon Disc Tiagra

The all-new Tiagra-equipped Synapse is an awesome option for riders looking for top level performance without the top level pricetag.

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM03 ONE

Who said you couldn’t have it all? Due to the ultimate advancements in a re-Tuned Compliance Concept it looks like now you can!

2018 // Stevens / Custom Arcalis

Stevens stunning aerodynamic yet uber comfortable bike is one of our best seller - does it all, without compromise - and it's fully customisable!
From €2199.00

2019 // Cube / Agree C:62 Pro

Cube's all new Agree C:62 Pro sets new standards in the endurance race bike category - offering unrivalled value, quality & performance in the category.

2019 // Orbea / Orca M20

Equipped with a capable FSA cockpit and Mavic wheels, it’s the ideal bike for almost any racer looking for the best performance at the best price - true pro level characteristics.

2018 // Stevens / Izoard Pro

This entry-level carbon racer features pro-level components: Full carbon frame and fork including a stiff tapered steerer.

2018 // Stevens / Custom Xenon

The Xenon has been at the heart of Stevens racing efforts with plenty of success to it's name - fully customisable to your needs.
From €2299.00

2018 // Stevens / Custom Ventoux

The Ventoux climbs, sprints, tours and does pretty much anything and everything you can throw at it - and it's fully customisable to your exact specifications!
From €2399.00

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR02 TWO

A Professional level bike with Shimano's highly revered 105 11 speed groupset - a formidable package.

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum RS10

The 765 OPTIMUM is the ideal bicycle for the avid cyclist or touring buff who wants to benefit from LOOK technology.

2019 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 500

Super bike, super value for money - we still can't quite believe what you're getting for the money but it's awesome!

2019 // Lapierre / Pulsium 500 Disc

Squeezing yet more tech onto one of the most innovative bikes on the market wasn't easy - but Lapierre have nailed it with this Pulsium 500 Disc!

2018 // Stevens / Custom Arcalis Disc

This is truely cutting edge kit - a bike that year after year instantly turns die hard MTB riders into born again roadies...
From €2599.00

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse Carbon Disc 105

Light, smooth, fast and elegantly designed. The all-new Synapse is the ultimate machine for full-gas, full-day exploits!

2019 // Orbea / Avant M30 Team-D

Value is such a dirty word these days, isn’t it? With the Avant M30D, it doesn’t need to be! This represents huge value for money in terms of spec & performance.

2019 // Orbea / Gain D40

Ultra reliable Tiagra components paired with Hydraulic disc brakes adds serious features to an already serious proposition!

2018 // BMC / Timemachine TMR02 TWO

The fastest frameset in the world with Shimano 105 components - a great combination at a great price.

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum Disc 105

Disc brakes are taking the bike world by storm - love them or hate them they're here to stay and we reckon that's a very good thing!

2019 // Cube / Agree C:62 Race Disc

A completely new carbon frame, onto which Cube have bolted Shimano's matchless Ultegra hydraulic groupset, simply sets the pace ahead of the pack.

2019 // Cube / Litening C:62 Pro

The Litening C:62 Pro's elegant, lightweight chassis is pure, unadulterated carbon perfection.

2018 // Stevens / Custom Ventoux Disc

The Ventoux Disc is now established as one of the best all rounder bikes on the market - added to the full custom program it's hard to beat!
From €2799.00

2018 // Stevens / Arcalis Disc

This is truely cutting edge kit - a bike that year after year instantly turns die hard MTB riders into born again roadies...

2019 // Orbea / Gain D31

The Gain D31 comes built for all eventualities - a super reliable 1X system gives you extreme capabilities that will exceed any expectations.

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM02 THREE

The all new BMC Roadmachine is one of the finest bikes in the world - this 105-equipped version offers it up to the masses!

2018 // BMC / Timemachine TMR02 ONE

A slice of the pro life without the crazy price tags - Ultegra delivers every time, the TMR02 frameset does it faster than anyone else!

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum Aksium

The 765 OPTIMUM is packed with a host of LOOK's technological features - and upgraded Mavic Aksium Wheels for even higher performance.

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum Disc 105 HYD

In all honesty, disc brakes work best as hydraulic systems, this bike offers just that, without a massive price tag!

2019 // Cube / Agree C:62 SL

A state of the art machine capable of transforming every ounce of effort into the pedals into blistering straight-line speed... all day long.

2019 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 600

A stunning aerodynamic yet super comfortable platform - in this guise it's equipped with Ultegra components and offers huge value for money.

2019 // Orbea / Avant M20 Team-D

Going long distance will become your new pastime on the Avant M20D - a hugely capable, jack of all trades bike that has no weaknesses, only strengths!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M30 Team

High technology doesn't need to come with a high price - Orbea's flagship frame, fully customisable from paint to parts, for under €3k - not bad at all...

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero OMR Disc Frameset

All new disc-equipped version of the Aero for 2019, now available as a frameset for true full custom built options...

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero OMR Frameset

Sssssh... we'll let you into a little secret... for this money you may as well order the Shimano 105 equipped version... it's the same price! It's like you get a free groupset!

2019 // Orbea / Orca M20i

Electronic shifting is the future, and thanks to the Orca M20i, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be the present! One of the best priced Di2 bikes on the market in 2019...

2019 // Orbea / Orca OMR Disc Frameset

Orbea's flagship frameset in disc brake format makes it even more cutting edge - do it in whatever colour scheme you wish and get stuck in!

2019 // Orbea / Orca OMR Frameset

Orbea's flagship frameset can be done up in whatever colour scheme you want so it's ready for you to build just how you like it - dream bike, delivered!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR02 ONE

Shimano's Ultegra components leave little to be desired when added to BMC's stunning Teammachine frameset.

2018 // Stevens / Custom Comet Disc

Super lightweight frame, now with Discs, fully customisable... Stevens flagship model just got even better!
From €3199.00

2019 // Cannondale / Synapse Carbon Disc Ultegra

Synapse lives for days grinding big climbs, ripping descents, smashing gravel, and going sun up to sun down just because. It’s an endurance machine dedicated to full-throttle adventure.

2019 // Lapierre / Pulsium 600 SL Disc

Whether the Pro's use discs or not - they are simply the best braking system available - make the proper choice and get your disc on!

2019 // Cube / Agree C:62 SLT Disc

The centrepiece of the Agree C:62 SLT is undoubtedly one of the most advanced disc-compatible carbon race frames available - add on electronic gear & hydraulic brakes and you have the complete package!

2019 // Orbea / Gain D21

We really like the Gain D21 for lots of reasons - the super performing 1X system is truly exceptional, the next generation motor is phenomenal, we could go on and on but we'll let the Gain do that for you...

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M20 Team

Our second best selling Orca Aero! Perfect for elite riders and feisty sportive riders alike! Very popular mechanical Ultegra performs flawlessly & the MyO program allows full customisation - very nice!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M30 Team-D

Serious bang for buck - Shimano's super popular 105 mechanical groupset on Orbea's brand new aero-disc frameset at a price that is seriously tempting!

2019 // Orbea / Gain D20

We reckon this one fitted with Ultegra hydraulic components could be the perfect match to Orbea's awesome Gain platfrom for a truly high performing bike!

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum RS Ultegra ProTeam

As a French brand it's only right that Look offer Mavic wheels on many of their bikes - offering very nice upgrades at a good price.

2019 // Cube / Litening C:62 Race Disc

This is what you get when you combine the proven performance advantages of a state-of-the-art carbon race bike with the awesome stopping power of disc brakes!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M20 Team-D

This one comes with oodles of racing credential - Shimano's rock solid Ultegra mechanical groupset on an aero frameset that can be painted in club colours - would ya stop?!!

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum Disc Ultegra

Ultegra Hydraulic Components step it up a notch on this stunning Optimum platform...

2019 // Orbea / Gain M30

A full carbon next generation electric bike... all we can say is give this thing a go - there's no turning back! Also available as a MyO custom bike - pick everything from paint to parts!

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM02 TWO

BMC launched the Roadmachine this year and already it has become one of the finest bikes in the world - a host of choices suit all riders!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR02 Disc TWO

The all new disc version of BMC's stunning Teammachine brings it bang up to date and for many, even better than ever...

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum Disc Force

Look's range topping Optimum Disc with SRAM's flawless Force Hydraulic groupset...

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum RS Ultegra

Shimano Ultegra 11spd components adorn Look's stunning Optimum RS carbon fibre!

2019 // Cube / Litening C:68 SL

The CUBE Litening C:68 SL is so fast - even on the climbs - that it'll make your eyes water. No word of a lie.

2019 // Kona / Libre DL

The Libre DL knows no limits - the ultimate adventure machine.

2019 // Orbea / Avant M20i Team-D

Shimano’s unstoppable electronic shifting meets road hydraulic disc brakes in the Avant M20iD - add to that the MyO program and it could be as good as it gets!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M20i Team

This is our best selling Orca Aero, lacks nothing but adds everything - Shimano's awesome Ultegra Di2 electronic gearing is flawless - add in the MyO full custom program and you're in business!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR01 MODULE Frameset

An option to build your dream bike using one of the best framesets in the world - comes with stem, bars, s/post, saddle & tape!

2019 // Cannondale / SystemSix Ultegra

The fastest bike in the world needn't be the most expensive - cutting edge tech is now at your feet...

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M20i Team-D

We reckon this one is probably the best option of them all - electronic & hydraulic components on Orbea's new disc equipped aero frameset with a full custom MyO option... too cool!

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM01 MODULE Frameset

One of the best new framesets on the market today - comes with stem, bars, s/post, saddle & tape!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR01 Disc MODULE Frameset

Build your dream bike using one of the best framesets in the world - the SLR01 Disc is a step into the future & comes with stem, bars, s/post, saddle & tape!

2019 // Orbea / Gain M20

Where does a conventional bike end and an electric bike begin? In this case the two are so intertwined there is no distinguishing between them, and isn't that what the future of e-bikes is all about?

2019 // Orbea / Gain M21

For truly "go anywhere" capability this full carbon next generation electric bike is where it's at! This thing oozes tech while still being as functional and robust as possible!

2019 // Orbea / Orca M20i Team

The M20i Team uses the same Orbea flagship OMR carbon racing frameset as found on their professional teams, so you know it's simply world class - this one features Ultegra Di2 electronic components.

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M12 Team

12 bloody gears? Really?! Yes, really... but believe us, the more the MERRIER! We've always loved Campy's style, now it's backed up with real substance.

2019 // Lapierre / Pulsium SL 700 Ultimate Disc

Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic transmission, hydraulic disc braking, and Lapierre's stunning Pulsium platform... amazing bit of kit!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR01 THREE

If it's good enough for the Tour de France, it sure is good enough for us!

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum RS Ultegra Di2

Shimano's stunning Ultegra electronic transmission is a perfect partner for this bad boy!

2019 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 700 FDJ Ultimate

We're in love - the FDJ team colours are just stunning on this equally stunning Aircode frameset - finish it off with Ultegra electronic components and you're sorted!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M10 Team

Contador, Cancellara, and a host of other superstars always opted for mechanical Dura Ace, so if it's good enough for them...

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM02 ONE

The RM02 ONE has Shimano's recently revised Ultegra Di2 electronic & hydraulic groupset and offers a complete package that is possible as good as it gets.

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR02 Disc ONE

Newly revised Ultegra Di2 electronic & hydraulic components are paired with the disc version of BMC's stunning Teammachine SLR02 frameset...

2019 // Orbea / Orca M20i Team-D

Adding disc's to Orbea's flagship OMR frameset takes an already world class bike to another level - pair it with the full custom MyO program and it's truly one-of-a-kind...

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM01 FOUR

The Roadmachine 01 uses the finest carbon available to create on of the most ultimate road framesets in the world - Ultegra is the perfect match.

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR01 TWO

A SRAM Red 22 equipped version of BMC's flagship race bike leaves little to be desired!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M10 Team-D

Dura Ace mechanical hydraulic components matched to Orbea's new disc equipped aero frameset could be as good as it gets - go full custom MyO from paint to parts!

2019 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 700 Di2 Ultimate

Words don't quite do this justice - so we won't bother - you need to see this in the flesh, so pop by the shop and take a test spin!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR01 Disc TWO

The Teammachine has won them all; the Tour de France, the Olympics, World Championships, and grueling Classics... now as a disc option its racing into the future...

2019 // Orbea / Gain M20i

Who doesn't need a bit of a helping hand once in a while? The Gain platform is not about a free ride, it's about assisting cyclists and increasing their fitness AND their limits.

2018 // Look / 765 Optimum RS Dura Ace

Shimano's Dura Ace mechanical groupset and some awesome Corima carbon wheels complete this supercool package!

2019 // Cannondale / SystemSix Dura Ace

For many top riders, mechanical Dura Ace is as good as it gets, and they've been proven right countless times!

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M12SR Team

Take the masterclass in style with Campagnolo's stunning Super Record groupset - paired with the super tech Aero frameset it is surely a perfect match?!

2019 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 900 Ultimate

Dura Ace Di2 is for many, the best groupset in the world - paired to Lapierre's stunning Aircode platform it becomes one of the best bikes in the world too!

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM01 THREE

Pairing electronic & hydraulic from Ultegra's new components to the all-new Roadmachine comfortable makes this one of the finest and most cutting edge bikes in the world.

2019 // Orbea / Gain M10

For many this is fast becoming the absolute benchmark in "next generation" electric bikes - it's a testament to all that Orbea are about and it's all yours to enjoy at your leisure.

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M10i Team

The Dura Ace Di2 electronic groupset is Shimano's flagship offering - for many, it simply doesn't get any better, and we're not going to argue! The MyO full custom program seals the deal!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR01 Disc ONE

Shimano revised their Ultegra Di2 system for 2018, and boy did they do well? Pair it with SLR01's new disc version and for many it doesn't get any better!

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM01 LTD

As if the all new RM01 platform wasn't exclusive enough... BMC have somehow made something truly extraordinary with the LTD!

2019 // Cannondale / SystemSix HM Ultegra Di2

Cutting edge electronic shifting is the perfect complement to this cutting edge bike - the fastest frameset in the world...

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M11i Team

SRAM me senseless!! Wireless eTap components on this uber-aero frameset surely make it one of the most awesome options on the market in 2019?

2019 // Orbea / Orca Aero M10i Team-D

Do you want to go faster? Orbea's drop dead gorgeous disc equipped aero frameset sets the new standard for 2019 - full custom MyO from paint to parts! The M10i Team-D is the Shimano DuraAce Di2 equipped option...

2019 // Orbea / Orca M10i LTD

The M10i LTD is Orbea's flagship bike, truly world class, ridden by the top professionals in the sport - how cool is it that we can get our hands, & feet, on one of our own?!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR01 ONE

For many, SRAM's stunning wireless electronic "eTap" groupset is as good as it gets - when it's paired to BMC's flagship SLR01 frameset it simply unbeatable!

2019 // Orbea / Orca M10i LTD-D

Don't just look at the price tag, look at the bike, look at the tech that comes with it... and truly see it for what it is - one of the best bikes in the world!

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR01 TEAM

Simply put - Dura Ace is the benchmark groupset in the market, tried, tested & trusted by the biggest pro's in the world!

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM01 TWO

Pairing wireless electronic & hydraulic components from SRAM's new components to the all-new Roadmachine platform makes this one of the finest and most cutting edge bikes in the world.

2019 // Cannondale / SystemSix HM Dura Ace Di2

Some bikes just leave you speechless... this one leaves you breathless too! Simply put - the fastest bike in the world.

2018 // BMC / Roadmachine RM01 ONE

A year on from it's launch, this bike still stuns us, clearly one of the best specced and best looking bikes in the world?

2018 // BMC / Teammachine SLR01 Disc TEAM

Nicholas Roche, Greg Van Avermaet, Richie Porte... this is their choice for the biggest cycling challenges in the world, ready to help you tackle yours!