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Lapierre // Endurance Series

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2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 500

Lapierre's new platform with increased stiffness and comfort, Superlight Technology, Carbon layup ready for competition & Shock Absorption Technology (SAT) vibration damper for improved comfort and reduced energy loss.

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 500 Disc

Squeezing yet more tech onto one of the most innovative bikes on the market wasn't easy - but Lapierre have nailed it with this Pulsium 500 Disc!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 600 FDJ

Whether you're trying to emulate the pro's, or like us you're simply smitten with the FDJ livery, there's no excuse not to love this bike!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 600 FDJ Disc

Whether the Pro's use discs or not - they are simply the best braking system available - make the proper choice and get your disc on!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 700 Ultimate

Adding Shimano's stunning electronic transmission to the Pulsium platform - this bike is a serious bit of kit!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 700 Ultimate Disc

Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic transmission, hydraulic disc braking, and Lapierre's stunning Pulsium platform... amazing bit of kit!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 900 Ultimate

Shimano's Dura Ace Di2 electronic transmission is quite simply - the best groupset in the world, paired to Lapierre's stunning Pulsium frameset it takes your breath away!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 900 FDJ Ultimate

This homage to World Tour Pro Team Francaise de Jeux is a stunning bike in its own right - its just an extra bonus that it's tried, tested & trusted by the best riders in the world.

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 900 FDJ Disc Ultimate

Perhaps this is as good as it gets - lightweight, comfortable, sporty, reliable... adorned with electronic & hydraulic components and covered with a stunning FDJ paintjob - c'est magnifique!!