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Lapierre // France

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2018 // Lapierre / Audacio 100

A trusty Shimano Claris groupset - totally revamped for 2018 - adorns this great value road bike fit for any new challenges.
Now €699.00
RRP €799.00

2018 // Lapierre / Audacio 200 FDJ

Inspired by the exploited of the FDK Professionals, the Audacio 200 carries much of the spirit of the high level tech used by the team.
Now €799.00
RRP €899.00

2018 // Lapierre / Audacio 300

It's hard to find fault with Shimano's newly revised Tiagra groupset, so paired with the Audacio frameset it's a serious bike for not so serious money.
Now €999.00
RRP €1149.00

2018 // Lapierre / Audacio 500

For many Shimano's 105 11 speed groupset is all they need - we tend to agree - high spec without a high price!

2018 // Lapierre / Sensium 300

Lightweight, comfortable, high performing, affordable... no surprise then that the Sensium 300 CP is one of the best selling Lapierres on the market!

2018 // Lapierre / Sensium 500

105 components adorn Lapierres awesome full carbon Audacio frameset - perfect for sportives, challenges & whatever else you can throw at it!

2018 // Lapierre / Xelius SL 500

By integrating an 11-speed, Shimano 105 52/36 transmission plus an 11-28 cassette, it is the ideal accomplice when facing the most difficult climbs.

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 500

Lapierre's new platform with increased stiffness and comfort, Superlight Technology, Carbon layup ready for competition & Shock Absorption Technology (SAT) vibration damper for improved comfort and reduced energy loss.

2018 // Lapierre / Sensium 600 FDJ

High end components added to this bike to pay homage to the FDJ pro's - for many cyclists this is all the bike they'll ever need!

2018 // Lapierre / Sensium 500 Disc

A very popular 105 equipped bike packed with features such as hydraulic disc brakes - perfect for those wanting an all round bike.

2018 // Lapierre / Xelius SL 500 Disc

Adding hydraulic discs to this lightweight climbing bike is a genius stroke and offers a truly all rounder bike ready for anything.

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 500 Disc

Squeezing yet more tech onto one of the most innovative bikes on the market wasn't easy - but Lapierre have nailed it with this Pulsium 500 Disc!

2018 // Lapierre / Sensium 600 Disc

The flashy exterior belies some super serious intention - this bikes is extremely high spec and ready to take on anything!

2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 600

A stunning aerodynamic yet super comfortable platform - in this guise it's equipped with Ultegra components and offers huge value for money.

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 600 FDJ

Whether you're trying to emulate the pro's, or like us you're simply smitten with the FDJ livery, there's no excuse not to love this bike!

2018 // Lapierre / Xelius SL 600 FDJ

Shimano's revered Ultegra 11spd groupset adorns this lightwight Xelius frameset - perfect for anyone hitting the climbs!

2018 // Lapierre / Xelius SL 600 FDJ Disc

Hydraulic Ultegra components give this lightweight climbers bike yet more tech and offers one of the most complete bikes on the market!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 600 FDJ Disc

Whether the Pro's use discs or not - they are simply the best braking system available - make the proper choice and get your disc on!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 700 Ultimate

Adding Shimano's stunning electronic transmission to the Pulsium platform - this bike is a serious bit of kit!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 700 Ultimate Disc

Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic transmission, hydraulic disc braking, and Lapierre's stunning Pulsium platform... amazing bit of kit!

2018 // Lapierre / Xelius SL 700 Ultimate

Yep, some bikes are getting silly... but who cares?! This bike is better than many of those ridden by the best riders in the world, yet it can be all yours!!

2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 700 FDJ Ultimate

We're in love - the FDJ team colours are just stunning on this equally stunning Aircode frameset - finish it off with Ultegra electronic components and you're sorted!

2018 // Lapierre / Xelius SL 700 Disc Ultimate

The Xelius SL 700 is a serious bit of kit in not-so-serious livery - electronic & hydraulic Ultegra components give this all the spec you could ever need.

2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 800 Ultimate

It's not like mechanical is old school - many of the top pro's still stick it out and prefer the weight and reliability gains of these over electronic transmissions - hence, this bad boy!

2018 // Lapierre / Xelius SL 900 Ultimate

The Xelius SL 900 is draped with possibly the best tech on the market - electronic, wireless... SRAM Red eTap is a fitting partner for this super lightweight climbers bike.

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 900 Ultimate

Shimano's Dura Ace Di2 electronic transmission is quite simply - the best groupset in the world, paired to Lapierre's stunning Pulsium frameset it takes your breath away!

2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 900 Ultimate

Dura Ace Di2 is for many, the best groupset in the world - paired to Lapierre's stunning Aircode platform it becomes one of the best bikes in the world too!

2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 900 Ultimate Pinot

Thibaut Pinot is one of the world's finest cyclists, only fitting that Lapierre pay tribute to him with one of the world's finest bikes!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 900 FDJ Ultimate

This homage to World Tour Pro Team Francaise de Jeux is a stunning bike in its own right - its just an extra bonus that it's tried, tested & trusted by the best riders in the world.

2018 // Lapierre / Aircode SL 900 Ultimate FDJ

Thibaut Pinot & Arnaud Demare... we don't need to say anything about this bike, just watch them race, and win, on this bike!

2018 // Lapierre / Pulsium 900 FDJ Disc Ultimate

Perhaps this is as good as it gets - lightweight, comfortable, sporty, reliable... adorned with electronic & hydraulic components and covered with a stunning FDJ paintjob - c'est magnifique!!