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Orbea // Sport Kid / Helmet

With helmets this cool your child doesn’t have to know the Orbea Sport Kids helmet is actually all about safety...
From €29.99

Cube // Dirt Helmet

A popular helmet for all the cool kids, city slicker looks with all the quality and protection you'd expect from Cube!

Orbea // Sport Youth / Helmet

At the age where fitting in with the crowd is important, it is also important to be stylish...
From €39.99

Cuda // Blox Runner 12" / Balance Bike

The Cuda range starts with the Runner balance bike, balance bikes are a great way helping children to develop their balance on two wheels - just ask in-store for deals on a range of helmets, locks and kids accessories!
From €109.00

Wishbone // 3-in-1 "Flip" / 1 - 3 years

A stunning, stylish, high quality product that is a rocker, a stroller & a ride along bike in one!
From €134.99

Cuda // Blox 12" / 2 - 4 Years

The Blox 12" is the ideal start for budding cyclists keen to get pedaling - just ask in-store for deals on a range of helmets, locks and kids accessories!
From €139.00

Cuda // Blox 14" / 3 - 5 Years

Our best selling 14" kids bike ticks all the boxes - lightweight alloy frame and stylish looks - simply ask in-store for deals on a range of helmets, locks and kids accessories!
From €169.00

Cuda // Blox 16" / 4 - 6 Years

Recently revised and looking better than ever - the Blox 16" remains our best selling bike in this size - just ask in-store for deals on a range of helmets, locks and kids accessories!
From €179.00

Wishbone // 3-in-1 Bike / 1 - 5 years

A bike that actually grows with your child - from trike to balance bike in 3 steps over 4 years - the only bike you need!
From €189.99

Cuda // Mayhem 20" / 5 - 8 Years

Stunning looks combined with a high quality alloy frame for growing cyclists - just ask in-store for current deals on our range of helmets, locks and kids accessories!
From €239.00

Cuda Performance // CP14" / 3 - 5 Years

The Cuda CP14 is the first bike in the range, with its lightweight frame and scaled down components it is the perfect first pedal bike for children.
From €259.00

Cuda Performance // CP16" / 4 - 6 Years

The Cuda CP16 adds bigger 16" wheels to the CP14 - matched to its lightweight frame and components it is the perfect next step!
From €275.00

Wishbone // Wagon / 1 - 10 years

Wishbone Wagon is much more than a wagon: Gorgeous, rugged, transformable - it’s a wagon, it’s a gravity racer, it’s a foot-to-floor car - just let your child choose!

Cuda Performance // CP18" / 4.5 - 6.5 Years

For those kids just a little too tall for the 16" but a little too small for the 20" the CP18 solves the problem - a rare 18" wheel size can often be the perfect match!
From €299.00

Cuda // Kinetic 26" / 10 Years +

A great first step into the world of mountain biking - perfect for the school run as well as off road adventures!

Cuda Performance // CP20" / 5 - 8 Years

Continuing the theme of high quality and lightweight materials the 20" steps it up further and ensure there is a perfect bike for any growing cyclist!
From €349.00

Cuda Performance // CP24" / 7 - 11 Years

A 24" bike which leave little to be desired - stir your child's enthusiasm and support their adventurous spirit with this super lightweight kids bike!
From €369.00

Cuda Performance // CP20M / 5 - 8 Years

A stunning, brand new 20" mountain bike from one of the UK's finest kids bike brands - packed with tech on a lightweight frame, maybe this is as good as it gets?!

Cuda Performance // CP24R / 24" Race Bike

An exciting new world awaits... for budding road cyclists it's worth investing in a bike that will help, not hinder, your child's progress - and this certainly does just that!
From €549.00

Cuda Performance // CP26R / 26" Race Bike

Too big for one bike, too small for another - it's a common issue with growing kids and one that is solved with Cuda's huge range of bike sizes!
From €575.00

Cuda Performance // CP24M / 7 - 11 Years

A 24" mountain bike for budding little O'Callaghans! Packed with tech on a lightweight frame, this will set your young one on a course of greatness!

Cuda Performance // CP700R / 700c Race Bike

The 700R is Cuda's largest road bike which allows a smaller rider to jump onto a full size bike which is still scaled down to fit them with smaller bars, cranks and frame. This bike is supplied with cross and road tyres.
From €649.00

Cuda Performance // Impact 24" / 7 - 11 Years

Ooooooh, yes please! This all new, all singing, all dancing full suss MTB is so cool we reckon all the grown ups will want a go!