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Bombtrack // Germany

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2016 // Bombtrack / Dash

The Dash is where it all began for Bombtrack, with the original bike being released back in 2011.

2016 // Bombtrack / Oxbridge

The Oxbridge was designed as a classic styled single speed city bike, but with a modern overtone and a sportier feeling.

2016 // Bombtrack / Arise

The Arise is a genuine ‘Swiss Army Knife’ built with versatility in mind from the ground up.

2016 // Bombtrack / Divide

The Divide has always been part urban commuter and part fixed gear freestyle, this blend of personalities gave the bike a diverse appeal.

2016 // Bombtrack / Script

The Script has come along way since the original bike in 2012, but the concept for a clean and simple alloy track bike has remained the same.

2016 // Bombtrack / Needle

From the moment the Needle was launched it caught the eye of track and criterium riders due to its steel, rather than alloy frame.