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Orbea // Spain

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2016 // Orbea / Ordu M30

The Ordu M30 is your next notch up, the ticket to your next PR from the road bike with clip-ons you’ve been racing.

2016 // Orbea / Ordu M20

Designed to get the job done in the least time possible, it’s a potent weapon in the hands of any capable pilot.

2016 // Orbea / Ordu M20i

Adding superfast electronic shifting to a superfast TT bike is a bit of a no brainer!

2016 // Orbea / Ordu M20 Ltd

The new Ordu Ordu frame shouldn’t just be limited to top-end professionals and self-sponsored monsters...

2016 // Orbea / Ordu M10 Ltd

The Ordu M10-LTD is the bike designed around absolutely devastating the competition in triathlon and time-trial competition,

2016 // Orbea / Ordu M20i Ltd

Speed is a precious thing, and it’s what the Ordu M20i-LTD makes the most of.

2016 // Orbea / Ordu M10i Ltd

Ordu: A name synonymous with winning, and the new Ordu M10i-LTD upholds the tradition.