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BROOKS // Saddles / Tape

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Brooks Leather Trouser Straps

A broad leather band that wraps comfortably around your trousers to keep them clear of the chain ring.
From €19.99

Brooks Toe Straps

Brooks Toe Straps feature the unique quick release buckle designed in the 1930’s!
From €31.99

Brooks Leather Bar Tape

In the Brooks tradition, this bar tape is made of natural leather to make it the perfect complement to your Brooks saddle.
From €54.99

Brooks "D-Shaped" Saddle Bag

The D-Shaped Bag was featured in Brooks Catalogues as far back as 1910.
From €99.99

Brooks "B17 Standard" Saddle

The best-selling B17 Standard features black steel rails.
From €109.99

Brooks "B17 Aged" Saddle

Offers a distinctive aged look to the standard B17.
From €114.99

Brooks "B17 Imperial" Saddle

Brooks' most versatile sports saddle.
From €114.99

Brooks "Flyer Aged" Saddle

Popular touring saddle with aged leather finish.
From €114.99

Brooks "Flyer" Saddle

Classic sprung model for long distance and MTB use. B17 shaped top with sprung suspension.
From €114.99

Brooks "B67 Aged" Saddle

Aged leather finish on Brooks' popular touring and city saddle.
From €119.99

Brooks "B67 Standard" Saddle

Coiled springs offer unrivalled levels of saddle comfort from this very popular model!
From €119.99

Brooks "Cambium C17" Saddle

Hugely popular new addition - soon to be as legendary a saddle as the brand is already!
From €129.99

Brooks "B135" Saddle

Double sprung + dual rails = the ultimate in sprung suspension (Free 25g tin of Proofide included!)
From €149.99

Brooks "B17 Special" Saddle

The B17 Special features copper plated steel metalwork & hand-hammered copper rivets.
From €149.99

Brooks "Cambium C15" Saddle

The C15 is the first racing model in the Cambium family.
From €149.99

Brooks "Flyer Special" Saddle

The Flyer with hand beaten rivets and chamfered sides.
From €149.99

Brooks "B67 Select" Saddle

This version of the B67 is made with extra tough, organic leather for high mileage cyclists.
From €159.99

Brooks "Flyer Select" Saddle

The Flyer with Organic Leather top, steel rails and hand beaten rivets.
From €159.99

Brooks "B17 Select World Traveller" Saddle

Limited edition range of only 2012 stunning pieces.