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Carbon Fibre

2018 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro 500 27.5

Every once in a while a bike comes along that changes everything.

2018 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 140 Race 500 27.5

The Stereo Hybrid 140 Race set a new benchmark for All Mountain e-MTBS when it was first launched - and that still holds true.

2019 // Orbea / Gain M30

A full carbon next generation electric bike... all we can say is give this thing a go - there's no turning back! Also available as a MyO custom bike - pick everything from paint to parts!

2018 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 160 Race 500 27.5

Sometimes our engineers get a bit carried away. What would happen, they wondered, if we combined an enduro suspension bike with the power of Bosch's drive system?

2018 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 140 SL 500 27.5

When you've run out of excuses, when only the best all-mountain e-MTB will do... you're ready to move up to the all-new Stereo Hybrid 140 SL.

2019 // Orbea / Gain M20

Where does a conventional bike end and an electric bike begin? In this case the two are so intertwined there is no distinguishing between them, and isn't that what the future of e-bikes is all about?

2019 // Orbea / Gain M21

For truly "go anywhere" capability this full carbon next generation electric bike is where it's at! This thing oozes tech while still being as functional and robust as possible!

2018 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 160 SL 500 27.5

Is it possible to improve upon near-perfection?

2018 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 140 TM 500 27.5

How do you build the ultimate mountain-taming e-mtb? Simple. Give the CUBE design team a blank sheet of paper and tell them not to compromise - This is the result.

2019 // Orbea / Gain M20i

Who doesn't need a bit of a helping hand once in a while? The Gain platform is not about a free ride, it's about assisting cyclists and increasing their fitness AND their limits.

2018 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 160 Action Team 500 27.5

We don't call a bike ''Action Team'' and paint it in team colours without good reason.

2018 // Cube / Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC SLT 500

When we set out to design the ultimate full suspension trail e-MTB, it was obvious that we needed a completely fresh approach.

2019 // Orbea / Gain M10

For many this is fast becoming the absolute benchmark in "next generation" electric bikes - it's a testament to all that Orbea are about and it's all yours to enjoy at your leisure.