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2018 // Cube / Cross Hybrid ONE 400

Women-specific version of the popular Cross Hybrid ONE 400.

2018 // Cube / Cross Hybrid ONE 400

You can't go wrong with the Cross Hybrid ONE.

2017 // Cube / Touring Hybrid 400

Touring Hybrid: it's all in the name.

2019 // Orbea / Gain D50

One of our best selling Gains and for good reason - this one comes in at under €2k and for many it is literally all the bike they'll ever need.

2018 // Cube / Access Hybrid Pro 400

The Access Hybrid Pro combines the riding experience of a real mountain bike with the unhampered mobility and freedom that only an e-bike can offer.

2018 // Cube / Elly Cruise Hybrid 400

Elegant and understated, it's a modern classic that you'll be proud to be seen on.

2018 // Orbea / Optima Asphalt 30

Optima is accessible, balanced, & handy.

2019 // Orbea / Gain D40

Ultra reliable Tiagra components paired with Hydraulic disc brakes adds serious features to an already serious proposition!

2019 // Orbea / Gain D31

The Gain D31 comes built for all eventualities - a super reliable 1X system gives you extreme capabilities that will exceed any expectations.

2019 // Orbea / Gain D21

We really like the Gain D21 for lots of reasons - the super performing 1X system is truly exceptional, the next generation motor is phenomenal, we could go on and on but we'll let the Gain do that for you...

2019 // Orbea / Gain D20

We reckon this one fitted with Ultegra hydraulic components could be the perfect match to Orbea's awesome Gain platfrom for a truly high performing bike!