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Simply the best bike brands in the world!!

In we put a huge focus on only stocking cycling brands that offer higher quality, more affordable, stylish alternatives to the mainstream brands found in most Irish bike shops - we feel there simply isn't a wide enough range of quality brands available in Ireland so it's our mission to sort that out! We are the only dealer in Ireland for many of our brands and we see this as key to maintaining an unrivalled level of customer service, product quality and competitive, transparent pricing.

Central to this ethos is the fact we simply take the time to have a chat and find out what bike you really want and need, and suit it to your level of fitness and budget. All customers get fitted out for the right bike using long-established, industry-standard sizing techniques but we also offer a free professional bikefitting service on all bikes over €1,000, aswell as 12 months free servicing (ex-parts) on all bikes regardless of price.

Onto our coveted bike brands - we are the only dealer in Ireland for the German bike-building powerhouse Stevens with exceptional levels of quality and style. We quickly followed this up by signing up as the sole Irish dealer for BH Bikes from Spain and we were delighted to became part of a very select group of Irish shops to stock Kona - perhaps the best MTB company in the world. We're also very proud to have introduced the full range of affordable and stylish bikes from UK brand Forme and finally, not content with that, we've also introduced Hercules bikes to Ireland - these city, touring & commuter bikes from the 125 year old German bicycle manufacturer are simply the best quality, best value bikes of their type in Ireland. For 2013, we were proud to sign on two more great brands in the form of Cube bikes from Germany, and BMC bikes from Switzerland - completing a line-up that exudes quality and class throughout.

Between these brands we're confident we can not only offer every type of bike from Hybrids to Tandems, Track bikes to MTB's, Fixies to Road Bikes, we can also offer the very best of each genré in the world - we're sure you'll like them as much as we do!!


Not content with these brilliant bikes we searched long and hard for stunning, quality, affordable options across all categories of bicycles - well we think we found some hidden gems! We are very happy to introduce to Ireland the beautiful, city chic bicycles from Creme as well as affordable and stylish fixies from CreateBike.

As big fans of all things road bike we couldn't help putting a lot of focus into getting some seriously good new road bike brands. We have arguably some of the best road bikes in the world from Stevens of Germany, offering unrivalled levels of quality and value for money. Stevens even offer a fully customised bike building program to let you build the bike of your dreams at your budget. We're also the exclusive dealer in Ireland for the world's lightest bikes from BH in Spain. We've a range of seriously high quality, great value bikes from UK newcomer Forme - and added to that we are a proud home to handmade Basso bikes from Italy & exclusive Irish dealer of Principia bikes from Denmark - and we're not even finished yet - we have recently agreed to distribute another handful of select road brands in Ireland - all to be announced in due course!



We also offer a full range of quality folding bikes, with full-sized bikes from Montague & Swissbike .



To complete the line-up we're also delighted to have the best BMX brands in the world from Premium & Haro - two huge names in BMX circles. We also have a full range of kids bikes from Bumper and Cuda aswell as a range of affordable bikes from established UK bicycle companies Freespirit & Barracuda. Please don't hesitate to contact the shop if you have any queries or questions!